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Nearly 400 Central Highlands customers attended the Viglacera customer conference

The event is part of the nationwide 2022 customer conference series and is also the largest-scale event ever in Viglacera’s Central Highlands market. This is an opportunity to strengthen the connection with partners and customers as well as in the long-term strategy of Viglacera on developing the Central Highlands market. The event was held at two main locations: Genuine Viglacera Center 269 Phan Chu Trinh Showroom and Hoang Loc 3 Convention Center, City. Buon Ma Thuot.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hieu – General Director of Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company commented: “Viglacera with more than 45 years of experience in the production of sanitary ware for shower and faucets has always received the trust of customers and consumers. nationwide use. We believe that the South in general and the Central Highlands in particular is a very active market because the land of thousands stands out with its sustainable development strategies, promoting multi-industry investment, and will definitely soon become a major economic zone. vibrant economic sector of the country”.

ong nguyen manh hieu tong giam doc chia se ve dinh huong kinh doanh 2022 cua viglacera f886ca2d48634dc6803336926dfcb862
Mr. Nguyen Manh Hieu – General Director shared about Viglacera’s 2022 business orientation

At the event, a series of advanced technologies for sanitary ware products were introduced by Viglacera. Among them are technologies that enhance the safety of users against invisible harm from bacteria such as exclusive surface technology Enamel Nano Titan Ag+ antibacterial, Max Vortex discharge technology, anti-bacterial technology. Touchless touch touch.

In addition, Viglacera also introduced the Product Research and Development (R&D) department with innovative new designs and core technologies in line with market demand, which is the core highlight of its long-term development orientation. and sustainability of the brand has more than 45 years of experience in the building materials industry. This factor is an affirmation for Viglacera’s investment and development in the future, in order to create strong competitiveness with other imported brands in the market, and at the same time affirm its leading position in the manufacturing industry. sanitary ware in Vietnam.

toa dam ve cong nghe va thiet ke viglacera cung ong pham tien dung pho tong giam doc giam doc trung tam nghien cuu va phat trien 09b5dd1ec6db43c4a64574306081b08a
Discussion on Viglacera Technology and Design with Mr. Pham Tien Dung – Deputy General Director, Director of Product Research and Development Center

At the event, the Waterfall sanitary ware collection was launched for the first time. Inspired by the powerful Dray Nur waterfall, one of the symbols of the Central Highlands, the collection applies Viglacera’s most advanced technologies and is designed with complete ergonomic research, suitable for the physique and usage habits of Vietnamese consumers.

bo suu tap waterfall lay cam hung tu dong thac dray nur hung vi 6b369a318b5e4f268b1489feb1356bf6
Waterfall collection, inspired by the majestic Dray Nur waterfall
gioi thieu cong nghe moi tai su kien 0a5f7ec052a24191ae5cb545986c3876
Introducing new technology at the event

In addition, Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company has launched a program to sponsor high-quality sanitary ware for families with meritorious policies and difficulties in the Central Highlands market. Also at the event, Viglacera presented 60 meaningful gifts to government representatives in Tan Thanh ward, Khanh Xuan ward and Hoa Thang commune. This humanitarian activity will be implemented by Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company in the second and third quarters of 2022 in all provinces and cities under the charge of the Central Highlands branch.

trao tang cac phan qua y nghia cho dai dien chinh quyen dia phuong 59f06f91b0ec4f3daf308ee143090102
Presenting meaningful gifts to local government representatives

In parallel with the meeting and exchange activities at the event, Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company – Tay Nguyen branch also launched a special sales program to accumulate SJC gold for one-piece toilet products until the end of the year. end June 30, 2022.


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