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Nhu Quynh hugged the photo, choking in tears at Tuong Khue’s funeral

As previously reported, Nhu Quynh represented the family to announce the change of the funeral venue for her brother from Continental Funeral Home Santa Ana, California to Dieu Ngu Pagoda, Westminster, California, USA. The praying ceremony takes place at 2pm, the visitation ceremony starts at 3pm and ends at 6:30pm on the same day of April 21.

Regarding image and communication issues, Nhu Quynh’s family entrusted a Vietnamese music center in the US to take care of it. Therefore, the ceremony had a security force to prevent YouTuber from filming and taking pictures close to the coffin of artist Tuong Khue.

After completing the praying ceremony, Mr. Gia Tuan – the family representative Nhu Quynh – Thank the temple for organizing the ceremony properly, thank the guests to visit the deceased artist.

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Nhu Quynh sobbed.

At the artist’s funeral Tuong Khue, singer Nhu Quynh held a picture of her brother sobbing. She was constantly encouraged and comforted by her relatives. Many overseas artists visited Tuong Khue for the last time such as: singer Huong Lan, Phuong Hong Que, duet duo Cong Thanh and Lyn… Singer Huong Lan sang the song. Reciting Buddha’s name closes sorrow send off my brother Nhu Quynh.

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Singer Huong Lan.

After regaining her spirits, Nhu Quynh shared: “On behalf of the family, I would like to sincerely thank my colleagues, the audience, the media, and the press for really loving Tuong Khue. If we are lacking, please understand that Khue will pass away peacefully. Let’s all cherish what we have now.”

Singer and designer Tuong Khue full name is Le Lam Tuong Khue, born in 1972, died at 19:30 on April 11 (US time) in Westminster, California, USA due to stroke, 51 years old.

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Some close friends with Tuong Khue revealed that he had many diseases and had to frequent the hospital. In recent years, his health and spirit have declined.

For the past few days, singer Nhu Quynh has been limited in sharing about her brother’s sudden departure. Rarely, she posted beautiful and lovely photos in the long dresses designed by her brother Tuong Khue with the message: “Ms. Nhu thanked Khue for taking care of her the most beautiful and pleasing clothes throughout the year. many years ago”. In addition, Nhu Quynh also apologized for being absent from 4 music shows that will take place this April.

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