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Nova College – the address for training human resources in the aviation industry

Lack of human resources in the aviation industry

As the world adapts to the Covid-19 pandemic, considering this as a common endemic disease, the aviation industry will be one of the services expected to grow strongly. It is predicted that the aviation market will soon fully recover, with the prospect of receiving 4 billion passengers by 2024, surpassing the period before Covid-19 appeared.

A report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) published in March 2022 said that in 2022, the domestic aviation market will recover about 93%. In which, the plan to recover the domestic market in Vietnam is 96%, higher than the average forecast.

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In the face of the thirst for human resources in the aviation field, Nova College aims to train high-quality, skilled, and life-skills personnel.

Regarding the aviation industry development strategy with a long-term vision, towards 2030, the Ministry of Transport proposed planning 28 airports. In which, there are 14 international ports: Noi Bai, Long Thanh, Tan Son Nhat, Van Don, Cat Bi, Tho Xuan, Vinh, Phu Bai, Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Chu Lai, Can Tho, Phu Quoc and Lien Khuong ; 14 domestic airports include: Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Sa Pa, Na San, Quang Tri, Pleiku, Phu Cat, Tuy Hoa, Buon Ma Thuot, Phan Thiet, Dong Hoi, Rach Gia, Ca Mau and Con Dao. In addition, the Ministry of Transport is also studying and surveying to supplement the planning of airports in Ly Son and Phu Quy islands…

Currently, the total number of employees in the aviation industry is about 44,000 people and it is expected that by 2025, the industry will need over 60,000 employees. However, the number of people studying this major at universities, colleges and intermediate schools is currently very small, which will not be enough to meet the actual needs. Experts say that if there is no early preparation, a crisis of human resources in the industry will occur.

Nova College focuses on practical training, students get 350 hours of flight practice

Realizing the great development potential of the aviation field and to contribute to solving the human resource problem, Nova College has introduced training in aviation commercial services and air transport business administration.

Dr. Tran Manh Thanh – Standing Vice Rector of Nova College, said: “Training human resources in the aviation industry during this period will be an indispensable step for the aviation industry to recover and develop sustainably. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Vietstar Airlines to build an advanced training program with 50% of the program being practiced at Vietstar Airlines centers.

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Nova College students in awareness internship at Vietstar Airlines

According to Mr. Tran Manh Thanh, specifically, in the aviation commercial service industry, students will be trained in basic knowledge about the aviation industry, aviation security, and cargo regulations. In addition, there is the process of receiving and returning passengers, luggage, goods and related documents in serving passengers, luggage and air cargo. Learners will also be equipped with proficient use of software in aviation commercial services such as passenger and cargo check-in systems, cargo handling equipment, parcels and parcels in transportation. air.

For the air transport business administration, Nova College will train in operation management, airport planning and design skills; aviation productivity management, fleet planning, route management, passenger and cargo transportation. In addition, students receive training in air transport safety, security and emergency planning, sustainable air transport development, strategic planning for airlines and operators. airport operation. In particular, Nova College students will also have priority in recruiting jobs at Vietstar Airlines and its member units.

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Nova College students excitedly explore the inside of Vietstar Airlines’ plane

Dr. Tran Manh Thanh added: “Nova College wishes to provide quality and skilled aviation human resources. As one of the few schools with aviation group training, we focus on investing in facilities. with modern, dynamic, youthful and international-standard design practice centers.Students are trained in practical knowledge and expertise with 350 hours of practice. will be imparted knowledge by a team of well-trained and experienced lecturers.

With the strength of owning urban tourism real estate of great stature and scale from the NovaWorld brand, NovaGroup has been contributing to the development of tourism, synergizing with the locality, gradually enhancing its position. of Vietnam on the map of the world’s top attractive destinations.

At the same time, NovaGroup is committed to bringing jobs and stable income to hundreds of thousands of employees and workers in the provinces and cities, where corporations invest and develop projects, promoting the local economy to rank up.

When investing in education, NovaGroup aims to develop sustainable human resources, serve the process of expanding the scale of the group, and improve the quality of Vietnamese human resources to reach the world level.

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