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Only VinFast cars can be charged at VinFast’s charging station!

In May 2021, through VinFast’s internal sales documents, we first received information that the electric vehicle charging station built by VinFast would not support other car models. At that time, because VinFast had just entered the field of electric vehicles, there was still a lot of conflicting information about whether VinFast would change this plan when officially deployed.

At the webinar “Infrastructure for electric vehicles in Vietnam” taking place in September 2021, Ms. Phan Thi Thuy Duong, Director of VinFast Battery Station Development Center once hinted about the possibility of sharing charging stations. their own for other automakers. When asked about some information that only VinFast cars can be charged at VinFast stations, Ms. Duong responded as follows:

“I don’t know where this information comes from. In fact, VinFast’s charging stations are completely compliant with international standards, European standards, and can theoretically charge compatible vehicles. In the first stage, they I have just tested the safety of VinFast cars, so I only temporarily supply VinFast cars.In the future, when other car models enter the market, I hope that many units will invest in charging stations and can Shared.”

However, recently in a video just posted on the official Youtube channel, VinFast once again announced that it will not allow cars from other brands to charge at its charging station.

“Only customers using VinFast cars are allowed to charge at VinFast charging stations”VinFast’s terms clearly state.

VinFast once again affirms: Only VinFast cars can be charged at VinFast's charging station!  - Photo 1.

Regulations on using VinFast’s charging stations, including the provision that only VinFast cars can be charged at VinFast’s charging stations

At the moment, it can be considered that VinFast is the only brand that is distributing electric vehicles in Vietnam with the VF e34 model now rolling and the upcoming VF8 and VF9. In fact, before VinFast, Porsche has distributed the Taycan electric car model in Vietnam, but with a small amount, the impact on the market is insignificant.

However, the electric vehicle market in Vietnam is forecasted to become bustling in the near future, with the participation of a series of new faces.

Previously, Thaco announced its plan to bring the KIA EV6 electric car to Vietnam this year. TC Motor is also said to be about to test the Hyundai IONIQ 5 model. The luxury brand Mercedes-Benz has also “teased” the EQS electric car in the Vietnamese market.

VinFast once again affirms: Only VinFast cars can be charged at VinFast's charging station!  - Photo 2.

An electric vehicle charging station of VinFast

However, the success or failure of an electric vehicle brand depends on the network of charging ports. Vingroup, as a domestic enterprise with great strength in the field of real estate, is considered to have an outstanding advantage over other competitors in Vietnam.

According to documents of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Vingroup said it has built and installed more than 40,000 thousand charging ports across the country in 2021 alone.

Recently, some users have noted about VinFast deploying a new generation charging station with a maximum capacity of up to 150kW, on par with Tesla’s 2nd generation Supercharger charging technology. This large-capacity charging station is said to be VinFast’s stepping stone to prepare for two high-end electric SUV models VF8 and VF9, which are expected to be delivered to users by the end of this year.

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