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People are interested in the canal with 2 colors of water in Da Lat

Unexpectedly, this special phenomenon happened right in Da Lat, which is very close to us.

Nature is indeed very magical, so there are still very strange phenomena such as the same sea or the same river, but with two different colors of water, which cannot be mixed.

It is a strange phenomenon and quite rare in the world. However, recently, a netizen shared a clip recording a similar scene, believed to be right in Da Lat, making people watching the clip extremely excited.

Specifically, in this clip, a jade green channel is flowing very strongly, but at the junction, where it intersects with another channel, it is opaque like alluvial color.

It is worth mentioning that this intersection point is not mixed but still separates into two different colors. This phenomenon that no one thought existed in Vietnam appeared right here Da Lat (like the person who uploaded the clip) so everyone watching was extremely interested.

People are interested in the canal with 2 watercolors that is said to be in Da Lat, no one thinks it’s real at first glance

Below the clip, many people expressed interest in this phenomenon. Besides, there are still a few opinions doubting the truth, whether it really happened in Da Lat or not:

– Oh, even in Vietnam, there are always.

– It looks so strange, hard to believe.

– Is it in Vietnam?

– Looks like there was a river in Vietnam like that last time.

People love the canal with 2 watercolors given in Da Lat-1

What about you, do you think this phenomenon really happened in Vietnam?

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