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Photo model 8 times stole money from roommates to dress up

The People’s Public Security newspaper reported that on April 21, the police of An Hai Tay ward (Son Tra district, Da Nang) handed over Do Thao Uyen (23 years old, living in Son Tay, Hanoi) to the district police for handling. investigation of theft.

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Subject Do Thao Uyen at the investigation agency. Photo: Da Nang City Police

According to initial information, on the evening of April 18, Ms. T. (23 years old, living in Quang Tri) returned to her apartment on Tran Hung Dao street (An Hai Tay ward) and discovered that she had lost 63 million VND in her pocket. bags in the bedroom.

Receiving news of the victim, An Hai Tay ward police came to the scene to check. However, at the scene, the police did not see any signs of being searched. Camera security There were also no strangers at the time of the theft, only Do Thao Uyen who was in the same room with Ms. T appeared at the same time.

This caused the investigation force to question and invite Uyen to the police headquarters to fight.

At the investigation agency, Uyen initially denied the crime. After more than 1 working day, Uyen admitted to stealing money from Ms. T.

According to the Da Nang City Police, Uyen admitted that she was working as a photo model in Da Nang and had known Ms. T via Facebook since early 2021.

After knowing each other for a while, because they found each other suitable, the two rented a room to live together. At the beginning of 2022, the two moved to an apartment on Tran Hung Dao Street to live.

However, due to frequent “poor money” in the current work period, seeing that her roommate had a lot of money, Uyen had an intention of stealing to get money, mainly going to bars, pubs, expressing herself. still “delicious” with friends.

During the period from April 11, 2022 to April 15, 2022, Uyen successfully stole money from roommates 8 times with an amount of more than 50 million VND.

Currently, all the money that Uyen appropriated from Trinh has been spent personally and cannot be seized.

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