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Phuong Khanh took a photo with plastic waste

Phuong Khanh chup anh huong ung Ngay trai dat 20 1650611676

Two models wear dresses made by designer Nguyen Minh Tuan, inspired by the blue ocean.

Phuong Khanh Born in 1994 in Ben Tre, 1.71 m tall. November 2018, Ms Crowned Miss Earth in the Philippines. After the contest, she entered the top 10 “Timeless beauty” voted by Missosology (H’Hen Niê ranked first). The beauty currently pursues community projects, often making videos about a healthy, nature-oriented lifestyle.

Bella Vu real name Vu Huyen Dieu, born in 2008, has a Vietnamese mother and a Singaporean father. She is 1.68 m tall, currently a female student at an international school in Ho Chi Minh City. December 2021, Ms Crowned Miss Eco Teen International in Egypt.

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