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Pure Vietnamese sound application Soundio officially launched

Communication entertainment and share knowledge by sound – Soundio with a rich and exclusive content store was just launched on April 21.

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The construction team aims Soundio to become the leading audio platform in Southeast Asia within the next 3 years


Specifically, this platform is run by the team Vietnamese people direct construction and development. It allows users to access millions of high-quality audio content, covering all topics in society such as entertainment, parenting, love-marriage, history… and diverse genres including books/audio stories, podcasts, courses…

Soundio concentrates the number of creators Vietnam’s largest content (more than 400). In addition, this platform also collaborates with many reputable individuals to produce exclusive podcast programs such as Live optimally every day, New mat…. Besides, Soundio is cherishing to produce a lot of multi-disciplinary programs to create new and attractive content on the Internet. market sound.

Soundio focuses on interaction between members, becoming a bridge between listeners and content creators. The platform also provides a repository of copyrighted background music to support users to increase the attractiveness of audio content. At the same time, Soundio has developed a feature that helps content creators generate passive income through their fan community.

As for the content store, Soundio has a common platform for all users and a separate platform for creators to support monitoring and management, thereby proactively giving the most appropriate development direction for their channel. me. In the near future, the platform also cherishes built-in features that support recording, editing, etc. so that “anyone can create their own audio content”.

Right after starting to build the application, Soundio has simultaneously built a multi-platform media ecosystem (present in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok…) with the total number of members approaching 1 milestone. million. Through this ecosystem, Soundio promises to help new content creators spread their audio products to the right audience.

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