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Quang Nam’s exam for excellent students in Literature makes netizens “fever”

The social network Facebook is spreading a contest for excellent students in Literature, on April 19 in Quang Nam province about: “Children’s understanding of parents”.

The content of the exam question 1 with 8 points is a social argument with the following content:

a. In the movie “Repply 1988” after his unsophisticated behavior towards his daughter named Duk Sun, the father confided: “I am not just born to be a father, I am also a father for the first time.

b. In the article: If your parents are unfortunate enough to go away, please show them the way, guide, and pull their hands together!, journalist Tran Thu Ha shared: Although she is older, but about motherhood, mother Just the same age as you. The child is confused, the mother is also confused; I’m wrong, mom is wrong. I’m disappointed in you sometimes even less than I am disappointed in myself.

From the above words, please present your thoughts on the issue: the understanding of children towards their parents.

Quang Nam's exam for excellent students in Literature makes netizens

Exam for excellent students in Literature, Quang Nam province.

The status line is interested and shared by many network users, with many highly concurring opinions about this exam.

User named Nguyen Thuy Trang commented: “The exam is so good, it’s both humane and trending. It’s only when there are topics like this that they can exploit their inner self, but the way the exam follows the sample essay is so boring.”

Or Thanh Huyen wrote: “…I have not seen the movie myself, but I find the topic very interesting and realistic. Real emotional quotes. You can contact and express your own opinions and feelings. The important thing is to have skills and understanding of literature or not, but if you can’t learn this subject, it’s not difficult.”

Update real life problems

Mr. Le Van Hiep, Division of Secondary Education – Department of Education and Training of Quang Nam province said that the exam question that is interested in social networks is the exam for excellent students in grade 9 of the province that took place on April 19.

“From the perspective of industry management, the author mentioned the content suitable for 9th grade students on the issue of student moral education.

Secondly, the exam questions are updated with real-life problems, nowadays, young people and many students rely on their parents and demand too much from their parents. Since then, many students forget to understand their parents.” Mr. Hiep said.

According to Mr. Hiep, the message sent out is aimed at educating students. The target audience here is 9th graders, so we have to educate students to understand their parents.

“In modern life, fathers and mothers are under a lot of pressure in making a living and raising children compared to the old days. Therefore, the improper education of children is a reality.

On the contrary, many children are indifferent, do not understand, even ungrateful, insensitive to their own parents.

Mr. Hiep informed that this is an exam for good students in Literature, not a forum for discussion. In the exam, it requires 150 minutes of comment, so the issue is only mentioned on one side to allow enough time. discussion space. From here, if students are smart, they will pose problems besides their children understanding their parents, they also want their parents to understand their children. Even schools create conditions for students to understand their parents better.

“I wish I was younger to take this exam”

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Mi A, Literature teacher at Cat Linh Secondary School (Hanoi) shared that as soon as she read the exam question, “the feeling of saying it out is fun”.

Although she has not seen the movie Reply 1988, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Mi A said that she still feels from the father’s earnest confession the sincerity, the desire and full of love for the child.

“I think this social debate question is good, simple, close, but profound, humane. Because of the student age – puberty with strong physiological and psychological changes, you often want your parents I understand myself, respect myself, but sometimes my ego explodes, leading to selfishness, overwhelming the advice of parents.

Parents in the midst of the chaos of rice, clothes, money, reeling under work pressure will inevitably be confused when their children explode in personality, confused in reconciling their desires with those of their children. . Therefore, conflicts, conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and children are difficult to avoid.

This subject of Literature is very humane and civilized in that, firstly, it is to reveal the parent’s heart, not in an imposing manner, but ready to listen to the child, ready to be his friend, ready to reconcile the relationship. relationship with children, willing to look directly at their unreasonableness. Secondly, I want the students to know how to put themselves in their parents’ shoes, to understand and empathize more with their parents’ difficulties, to truly empathize with their parents’ love for them.

Mr. Do Duc Anh, teacher of Literature at Bui Thi Xuan High School (HCMC) also expressed his love for this exam.

“Overall, the exam question is quite good, especially the social argumentative sentence is very light. The literary thesis is relatively light, not too heavy and rigid.

When I read the exam questions, I really wish I could be a kid again and be a student again to take this exam. If I were a student, I would have a lot of ideas to write about and a lot of confidence to share.”

According to Mr. Duc Anh, this is an opportunity to review the relationship between parents and children – an issue that has caused much debate, evaluation and analysis in recent years.

“I hope the answer will be open, accepting posts with feelings instead of focusing too much on the students’ arguments and arguments.

We should promote this type of exam question so that learning and writing exams are not dry or heavy, nor do we need to have sentences that challenge candidates, especially for good students’ exams.

When referring to some opinions that the test is too much for a 9th grader, Mr. Hiep shared that, for a general topic, it is not too much or not too much, but depends on the instructions. dot.

“When a problem arises, a middle school student or a high school student can solve it, and sometimes even a researcher can. It is important to ask yourself, to what extent is this request resolved?

As the exam posed, for 9th graders, I asked students of that age to be psychologically suitable and aware of what is very close. From a scientific perspective, to solve this problem needs a scientific topic.

How can we ask 5th graders about understanding their parents? I’m sure you can answer that.”

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