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Rarely go to the doctor, the man is shocked to receive the news of liver cancer because of this reason-Life Health

Friday, April 22, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

Regular physical examination is the best way to detect liver cancer early and not miss the golden period for treatment.

Dr. Luo is a cancer expert in Guangxi province and a member of the China Anti-Cancer Association. He often shares the special cases he receives on his personal page in the hope that people can improve their understanding of health.

Recently, he continued to share a case of a 45-year-old man suffering from hepatitis B but did not go for regular health check-ups, until the disease progressed seriously, it turned into liver cancer.

Dr. La recounted that that night at 2 a.m., the nurse on duty in the emergency room called in a panic to report an urgent case. The patient showed signs of pain in the right lumbar region, and a CT scan of the abdomen revealed a very large tumor in the right lobe of the liver.

According to many years of clinical experience, Dr. La diagnosed this patient with liver cancer.

When informed to the patient’s family, they were surprised. The patient said that around 9 pm, when he was about to go to bed, he felt severe pain in his lower back, until he couldn’t stand it anymore, he called his family to take him to the hospital.

Rarely go to the doctor, the man is shocked to receive the news of liver cancer for this reason - 1


Dr. La asked the patient if he had a history of hepatitis B, trauma, or diabetes, and the answer was “no”. The reason for asking these questions is to surmise that abdominal pain in the liver may be caused by liver cancer, traumatic liver damage or liver abscess due to diabetes.

Then, Dr. La briefly asked about the patient’s family background. It is known that this man rarely went to the doctor, did not know if he had hepatitis B or not.

In the patient’s family, there is an older brother who is also infected with hepatitis B. Doctor La guessed that both brothers could be infected with hepatitis B through the way the mother passed it on to her child. That is, their mother is a carrier of the hepatitis B virus.

However, because the family lives in the countryside, the members rarely go to the doctor, so they do not know if they are infected with hepatitis B or not.

From the CT scan results, Dr. La explained to the patient that, based on the size of the giant tumor in the right lobe of the liver, it was diagnosed as a sign of liver cancer. Due to the large tumor pressing against the liver cyst, pressing on the peritoneum of the right diaphragm, causing pain in the right upper abdomen. The severe pain that occurs may also be due to irritation of the endothelium.

When he heard Dr. La’s explanation, the man couldn’t believe it. Then, Dr. La briefly talked about hepatitis B, cirrhosis and liver cancer to this person.

Hepatitis B is one of the main causes of cirrhosis and liver cancer. There are 3 main routes of transmission of hepatitis B including:

1. Transmitted from mother to child from pregnancy until the baby is born carrying hepatitis B virus.

2. Bloodborne transmission. Possible cases such as blood transfusion, sharing syringes, tattoos …

3. Sexually transmitted. That’s why hepatitis B is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Whether viral hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis requires regular medical check-ups, both of which can develop into cirrhosis or liver cancer.

After a definitive diagnosis of liver cancer, if liver resection is possible, surgery is the first choice.

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