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Regardless of the teacher’s ethics to run after achievements?

The opinion of the representative of the Cau Giay Department of Education and Training (Hanoi) affirmed that there is no secondary school in the area that forces weak students not to take the exam to 10th grade or transfer schools, which has been opposed by many parents and experts. They claim that this situation has existed for many years.

'Forcing' students to drop out of 10th grade exams: Disregarding teachers' ethics to chase achievements?  - first

Students go back to school. (Illustration image: D.H)

Transformation of career guidance

Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nga (Hanoi National University of Education) said that at this time, secondary schools in Hanoi are rushing to implement career guidance. The school will screen groups of students to advise whether to continue with cultural studies or turn to vocational schools.

“In theory, this career guidance is to find a direction that is suitable for students’ ability. This is a good and right policy, but the practice in lower secondary schools is completely different. The story of direction counseling. Business is increasingly deformed, deviating from the original good orientation, becoming anti-educational behavior”. female doctor said.

Two years ago, her son’s class had 5 weak students, who lost their knowledge base, were not hardworking, even asking them to memorize a poem was difficult. During the parent meeting in the middle of the second term, the homeroom teacher frankly assessed the academic performance and advised parents to calculate more options for their children, not to expect too much on the exam results for the 10th grade public school.

According to Dr. Nga, it is not wrong to advise parents and students on more feasible directions. But the key here is how the teachers do. Making negative comments directly to students proves that the teacher’s professionalism is not good, this deliberate action makes children self-deprecating, even shocked. The cases of children with psychological trauma, even suicide may also be from these inhumane and pedantic behaviors.

'Forcing' students to drop out of 10th grade exams: Disregarding teachers' ethics to chase achievements?  - 2

Students go back to school. (Illustration image: D.H)

Run after achievements

The principal of a high school in Hai Ba Trung district (Hanoi) asked: What is behind the career counseling for 9th grade students? Because of the achievements of the teachers, the school or because the secondary school “shakes hands” with the private high school, vocational secondary school to attract enrollment?

The principal is forthright, the achievement disease still exists in many schools and districts. Some districts in Hanoi still set a target to mobilize more than 80% of secondary school graduates to take the 10th grade exam to get better results compared to other districts. If a school has a low rate of students passing grade 10, next year the education department will return to regularly check on the teachers of that school.

Every year, the District Departments of Education and Training will make statistics on the number of 9th grade students who pass into class 10 in public schools to evaluate the school’s “achievement”. The department has “statistics”, then the secondary school must have “practical solutions” to make those statistics of their school beautiful.

This is the reason why schools and teachers defy teacher ethics to deviate from career guidance to force students not to enter public schools as sad stories happened in the past few days.

The homeroom teacher knows each student’s ability well, when students are weak in exams, they are sure that they can’t get above-average scores, affecting the ratio of the class and the school. Therefore, the homeroom teacher often directs those children to go to private schools or to learn vocational training so as not to affect the school and class norms.

In order to overcome the rate of race for career achievement, he proposed that the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training should remove the criteria for evaluating districts based on the number of students passing the 10th grade in the public sector, and remove the ranking of districts each time they attend a meeting. There are criteria for ranking). If you want to try, just take the test, if you don’t pass, follow another path because there are many paths to success.

He also proposed eliminating the assessment of homeroom teachers by the number of students who passed the public 10th grade, by the rate of each subject above average when taking the 10th grade exam.

Experts and teachers all said that, in order to thoroughly handle the situation of forcing students not to take the 10th grade exam, the Ministry of Education and Training needs to set up a hotline for parents with children in that situation to reflect in detail.

Teachers because of pressure from the school or the Department of Education and Training also have a channel to share, ask for help and ask the school to correct. Only then can we expect to receive real information instead of hearing reports from the facility.

Student rights, no coercion

Mr. Tran The Cuong, Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, said that there is now public opinion about teachers and schools forcing students not to register for the 10th grade exam. “I suggest that the Departments of Education and Training thoroughly understand the lower secondary schools to immediately stop mobilizing students not to take the exam Admissions 10th grade of high school this year as well as the following years (if any)”, Mr. Cuong said.

Studying and registering for admission to high schools are the rights and needs of students and students’ parents. In the post-secondary stream work, the school must orient the students clearly to make the right choice, without coercion.

Streaming is the right policy for many years, in which students need to be consulted and career guidance early. “For example, my learning power is like this and there are choices like this… But which option you choose is your right, absolutely not consulted, “forced” as stated in the newspapers.

It is suggested that principals, Departments of Education and Training of districts, towns must be responsible before the Department of Education and Training, the People’s Committee of the city if any incident occurs. At the same time, if the scene is detected, the unit that has such phenomenon must strictly handle it.” Mr. Cuong said.

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