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Revealing the killer with an unexpected background

On April 17th, Orsolya Gaal’s shoulderless body, 51 years old, a mother of two with a happy home was found on the sidewalk, in a large handbag. Autopsy results showed that the victim was stabbed nearly 60 times at his home before the killer stuffed the body in a bag and took it away.

There was no sign of the house being broken into, so police believe the perpetrator was an acquaintance of the victim. On April 21, the New York Post reported that the perpetrator was identified as David Bonola, 44, a man from Mexico and moved to the US more than 20 years ago. According to US media, soon after being arrested, Bonola admitted to the whole crime.

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d - Picture 1.

The victim is a mother of two children.

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The assailant was arrested.

Love but Rejected

It is known that the Bonola guy began to know the victim when he worked for the woman’s family in 2020. The two maintained a romantic relationship for nearly 2 years and then went their separate ways. At dawn on April 16, Bonola went to the victim’s home to talk, the man wanted the two to get back together because he still had feelings for him.

However, the conversation took place in a tense and sour atmosphere. Rejected emotionally, the guy David Bonola raged and stabbed the victim repeatedly in the basement of the house. After Mrs. Gaal died, David Bonola said he was extremely panicked at the time and saw a sports bag belonging to the victim’s son, he hurriedly stuffed the body in it.

After dragging the bag on the sidewalk and finding a place to dispose of it, the man went to a private clinic to treat his injuries because of a violent fight with the victim earlier. A video shared by US media shows, at about 6 a.m. on April 16, David Bonola, walking on the street with his hand wrapped in white bandages. At that time, the man wore a shirt and black mask and calmly returned to his apartment, enjoying his favorite bread.

d - Picture 3.

CCTV recorded the perpetrator dragging the body bag on the sidewalk.

d - Picture 4.

The murder weapon.

Portrait of a cruel man

The New York Post reported, David Bonola is an air conditioner repairman, he also has a family of his own, but it is not peaceful. It is known that this man is a regular customer at Austin Street Cafe in Forest Hills.

Female employees said that this man had an odd temperament, often teasing female employees in the bar. Whenever he asked female employees out, he often gave them money or a piece of jewelry. This guy regularly asks the staff in the bar about their personal information such as age, date of birth, where they went to school and where they live.

d - Picture 5.

The killer with a bandaged hand.

According to many sources, David Bonola studied at the New York School of Interior Design. In the spring of 2020, this guy often comments on the victim’s photos posted on Facebook with the content of winged compliments, expressing strong feelings such as: “You are the most beautiful woman.” ; “I love you so much”…

Police said they found Bonola’s jacket and the murder weapon near the scene of the incident. The man is currently in custody awaiting trial. Meanwhile, the victim’s family has not yet responded to the testimony of David Bonola.

Source: New York Post, Daily Mail Ngo-vach-tran-su-that-bi-che-giau-bay-lau-202204221120928191.chn

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