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Shame on the “unlucky” young man who was clearly “signed” by Son Ye Jin

Break the handle going into the ground of Son Ye Jin in the famous movie being dug up

Son Ye Jin always in the group of actors with leading acting ability in Korea. One of the film lines that shaped her name is comedy – romance. Remember in 2010, the actress made fans “laugh” with the role of clumsy, stupid designer Park Kae In.

In this movie, Park Kae In was scammed by a close colleague. When he ran away, he wore a yellow hooded shirt. When looking for this person, Kae In made a mistake and gave the “unlucky victim” a “first signature” phase with all the anger in his heart. But of course when this person came back, he made Kae In extremely panic and had to apologize profusely.


The first phase used up Park Kae In’s normal strength.


Kae In’s funny expression when she found out she hit the wrong person.

The film tells the love story of a clumsy, silly designer Park Kae In and a talented architect Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho). In order to find ideas for the Art Museum project, he pretended to be a gay guy to live with Kae In in her beautiful house with beautiful architecture. In the process of living together, they gradually shorten the distance from each other. Then over time, love gradually blossomed between the “gay” tactician and the kind landlady.


Some pictures from the movie The Idiot and the Hand.

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