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Shocked by the shooting death of the whole family and then suicide in the US

The murder took place in a house in the East Hillside area. Police for the city of Duluth said all the victims died in their beds at noon on April 20 ( America).

“The suspect is a relative of the victims, including two children. He then also committed suicide with a gun,” Sheriff Mike Tusken said in a trembling voice at a news conference about the incident on April 21.

“This is really a very sad day, in 32 years we have never seen such a bad thing when there are four victims in a murder,” the police chief added.

Police later also released the identities of the victims: Riana Lou Barry (44 years old), Sean Christopher Barry (47 years old), Shiway Elizabeth Barry (12 years old) and Sadie Lucille Barry just turned 9.

Shooting dead the whole family and then committing suicide shook the US - Photo 1.

Police vans outside the house where four people were shot dead in Duluth. Photo: AP

The suspect is Brandon Taylor Cole-Skogstad, 29, who has a close relationship with the victim’s family. He was recently believed to be mentally ill after posting messages that would kill relatives and then kill himself, police said.

“A family dog ​​was also found dead in the home with obvious gunshot wounds,” Police Chief Mike Tusken added.

Next to the body of the police suspect also found a 9mm caliber pistol.

“This is a tragedy for the state of Minnesota, a tragedy for the city of Duluth and for this community,” Tusken added.

Police did not provide further details as the case is still under investigation.

Duluth City Council Chairman Arik Forsman told reporters he knew the families of the victims. “It is difficult to describe the sadness I am going through as a councilor, as a citizen of Duluth and as a father,” added Arik Forsman.

Meanwhile, Mayor Emily Larson said the incident was “deeply painful” and it was an “incomparable loss” for the entire Duluth community.

Bang Hung (ABC News)

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