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Should the medicine be taken with fruit juice?

Here are the mistakes when drinking fruit juice that you need to avoid

Drink early in the morning, on an empty stomach

Drinking fruit juice early in the morning or on an empty stomach will cause the acids in the juice to damage the stomach. The ideal time to drink fruit juice is between meals or after exercise.

Juice is better than eating fruit

In fact, fruit contains a lot of cellulose that enhances bowel movements and aids in defecation. While squeezing fruit will cause the content of vitamin C, folic acid, fiber … to be significantly reduced compared to fresh fruit.

Should the medicine be taken with fruit juice?  - first

Fruit juice is good for health But not everyone knows how to use it properly. (Artwork: Suckhoedoisong)

Mix with milk

When fruit juice is mixed with milk, the tartaric acid in the juice will react with the protein in the milk, hindering the absorption of nutrients. Even people with weak stomachs can get stomachaches.

Take medicine with fruit juice

Some fruit juices will be harmful to health if taken with drugs. For example, grapefruit juice has substances that reduce enzyme levels in the small intestine wall, causing the absorption of drugs into the body to change. In addition, if you take the drug with grapefruit juice, it will increase the risk of causing the drug to penetrate more into the blood, creating an overdose.

Drink fruit juice instead of water

Although it contains a lot nutrition But fruit juice is not a complete substitute for water. You need to drink filtered water every day to have a balanced diet. Even some fruits have a strong sweet taste, which needs to be diluted with filtered water. According to experts, you absolutely should not drink too much fruit juice because you are prone to obesity, diabetes …

Squeeze a lot for a while to let the refrigerator drink gradually

Many families have a habit of squeezing juice and then putting it in the refrigerator to drink it gradually. This causes the nutrients in the fruit to change linearly, reducing the effect or possibly causing digestive upset.

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