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Sitting at the door waiting for my lover to examine me, listening to the doctor ask me to lose my limbs

Having known each other for 2 years, I officially confessed to the girl I love. Remember, when I first met you, I was impressed with your smart, beautiful and very gentle appearance. In my eyes, that’s the girl I always wanted to marry.

Compared to others, I have many differences, especially in the way I talk. With you, I always feel happy, life is much more poetic. I know how to make jokes to make people happy even when they have the saddest thing.

I’ve been in love before, but it was just a passing love. They come to me, either because I’m rich, or because I’m handsome and livid. When they fall in love, what they want is for me to spend money to buy expensive gifts, take them to a fancy restaurant to take pictures to show off to friends.

But you are different, you have never asked me to give you any gifts. If I spend money to buy things for her, she will scold me for not knowing how to appreciate the money my parents make. So in addition to love, I also respect this girl very much.

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Thought the lover was gentle, who expected the irony truth. Sohu .’s illustrations

Over 3 years of sweet love, I brought you home to debut. My parents did not like her at first because they thought she was not from a noble family. But before my resoluteness and persuasive arguments, my parents also had to nod in agreement.

side family She loves me very much because for me, talking to adults to please them is “instinct”. I was invited by her parents to have dinner again, treated as a child in the family.

Deeply in love after more than 3 years, we plan to get married. Everything is ready, the hotel is booked, the wedding dress is also rented, the photos are many. But 1 month before the wedding day, I suddenly complained of nausea and discomfort in my body. Suspecting my girlfriend to be pregnant, I asked her to buy a pregnancy test. And the result is… two lines. We hugged each other happily. Just wait a little longer, after we get married, we will be parents. The appearance of a baby in your belly really makes me extremely happy.

However, that all changed when I told her to take her to the sonographer just to be sure. She entered the clinic, I told to wait in the next room, but in fact, because I was too eager, I stood at the door to eavesdrop to see what the doctor said. It’s really God’s arrangement, everything you said to the doctor I heard clearly.

When the sonographer said my baby was almost 6 weeks old, my limbs were shaking with emotion. But that joy suddenly ended when the doctor asked my girlfriend: “What number of children is this, have you ever had an abortion?”.

The answer “once to be” made me fall. She didn’t forget to tell the doctor not to tell me anything because it’s her own business. I don’t want this to affect our relationship. Seeing her attitude, the doctor understood and just advised her not to have the next time because the uterus is quite thin.

My head was spinning with the question “why”. Why did you lie to me, why did you say that I was the first man you fell in love with and met. Is it because of an accident when I was at school? All this is you making up to deceive a man like me? I thought that after meeting you, I could live happily, but this fact broke my heart. Looking at a girl who always talks about morality and has to keep herself, I suddenly shudder. If you can deceive me like that today, will you really be a faithful wife after getting married?

In my head suddenly flashed the thought, do you also come to me for money like many other girls? So, should this wedding be held?

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