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Stock market is over, is it profitable to pour money into real estate at this time?

After a series of consecutive declines of the market stock With hundreds of stocks at floor price, investor sentiment is low, especially investors who hold speculative stocks or stocks with rumors about investigation and inspection.

Ms. Thu Huong, a securities investor in Hanoi, used to make billions of profits when investing in securities, but just two weeks ago, her account has also lost several hundred million dong with no way to get it back. .

Up to now, Ms. Huong feels very fortunate that she has not poured all the money she has in her hand into securities, but a part of her savings is still in the bank.

Before the ups and downs of the stock market, Ms. Huong wants to transfer money to real estate investment. However, she is concerned that real estate prices have also continuously increased over time, is it possible to invest at this time and how to invest safely and profitably?

Sharing with PV Infonet, Mr. Nguyen Van Hau, a long-time investor, said that real estate investment in this period is still attractive if you know how to search. The current market has many unpredictable fluctuations but the opportunity to make a profit is still there. However, the opportunity to take profits in short-term real estate like ‘surf’, ‘hit’ is almost impossible, but it is necessary to invest in long-term assets.

Mr. Hau said that the real estate market will continue to grow until 2024, so any area where land prices are still cheap and potential can reduce money.

Pay attention to the areas where the price has doubled, tripled in a short time, do not put money in.

Vu Cuong Quyet, General Director of Dat Xanh Mien Bac, said that the North continues to be an attractive area for investors, with many localities having the highest public investment plans in the 2021-2025 period such as Hanoi. , Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh. Accordingly, real estate products with convenient locations linking highways or central roads still attract investors.

According to Mr. Dinh Minh Tuan, Director of in the South, land and apartments are still two segments that are really interested.

The land plot segment is still a very active segment and tends to move away from the city center about 60-100km. This is a segment that always receives great attention from investors in the market. The land market areas related to infrastructure planning, airports, seaports… are always interested by many investors and it is forecasted that this segment will still develop well.

The residential segment is actually apartments, although the supply to the market is relatively low, the demand and interest in this segment is still very large. Therefore, instead of investors looking for new projects, they tend to return to old projects and start handing them over and put them into operation.

According to experts, real estate investment at this stage, safety must be the top priority, investment must choose safe legal products. In the event of a bad market, real estate that meets legal requirements can still be sold, even if it sells at a loss, it can still be liquid.

Along with that, real estate locations with good social infrastructure have higher liquidity, when not being sold to investors, they can be sold to real consumers. With investment products in remote areas, or in localities with no potential, they should be avoided.

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