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Surprise ranking of smartphone users in Vietnam

Currently, the number of smartphone users is becoming larger and expanding, both young and old. Especially, in developing countries like Vietnam, the number of smartphone and mobile phone users is increasingly popular.

According to data provided by Statista, in the world today, the number of smartphone users is 6.648 billion people, equivalent to 83.72% of the world’s population. It is known that this number in 2016 was only 3,668 billion users, accounting for only 49.40% of the world’s population.

Surprise ranking of smartphone users in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Number of phones from 2017 to present. Statista’s photo.

By 2022, the total number of mobile phone users (including smartphones, feature phones – this is a normal mobile phone, without applications and operating system) is 7.26 billion people, accounting for 7.26 billion people. 91.54% of the global population.

Since the advent of mobile phones in 1973, mobile device connectivity has surpassed the world’s population, which is the fastest-growing technological phenomenon ever.

According to data from GSMA, there are now more than 10.57 billion mobile connections globally, surpassing the world population of 7.93 billion (according to United Nations estimates). It is important that not everyone has a mobile device. As a result, cellular connectivity comes from people with multiple devices and a small fraction of users with dual SIMs or other integrated devices such as cars.

In addition, mobile phone ownership is growing at an incredibly fast rate with nearly half of the planet owning a smartphone and two-thirds owning a mobile device. The hottest smartphone growth rate is from 2017 to 2022 when it has increased by 49.89%.

Statista predicts that global ownership of a mobile-enabled IoT phone, tablet or device will continue to grow. And yet, it is estimated that in the next three years to 2025, the number of mobile device users will increase from 6,378 to 7,516 billion.

The World Advertising Research Center believes that due to the growth of smartphone usage, 72.6% of all internet users will access websites via smartphones.

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Penetration rate and number of smartphone users. Statista’s photo.

In terms of smartphone ownership, Vietnam is ranked 10th worldwide with 61.37 million devices sold. The smartphone penetration rate in our country is equivalent to 63.1%.

In this ranking, China leads with 918.45 million smartphone users, market penetration rate is 63.80%. Thailand ranked 15th with a market penetration rate of 54.03% and 37.88 million smartphone users. The US is the country with the highest penetration rate with 81.60% of the population using smartphones, with a total of 270 million users. Pakistan has the lowest penetration rate of 18.40% and 40.59 million users.

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