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‘sweet fruit’ from the sustainable development strategy in business

Convenient service, quality products and stable prices

Since its inception, Pharmacity has continuously conducted market research and customer needs to optimize care and consulting services in addition to providing diverse and quality products.

Pharmacity always boldly innovates and approaches modern technology in all aspects to create appropriate and optimal customer care services; act quickly and adapt to any feedback; Think big and be willing to take risks to innovate intelligently.

With the goal of bringing convenience and comfort to consumers, Pharmacity has invested more than 100 billion VND to develop the RELEX Solutions application – a retail platform that exploits artificial intelligence to optimize business operations. distribute products in the chain, predict shopping needs, contribute to improving customer experience.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pharmacity always ensures the full and diversified supply of immune-boosting products, timely updates on Covid-19 treatment and prevention drugs with a “price lock” campaign. – ensure that the pharmacy chain is always stable in terms of prices. By successfully developing product lines under the brand name Pharmacity, the pharmacy chain helps customers to choose more flexibly quality products at economical and stable prices.

dich vu tu van chu dao tan tinh o moi nha thuoc pharmacity 86f06b3449aa4c46b1e588f785b33611
Dedicated consulting service at each Pharmacity pharmacy

Pharmacity is aiming to have 5,000 pharmacies nationwide, allowing 50% of people to access Pharmacity pharmacies within a 10-minute drive.

Healthy environment, development opportunities for the team

According to Pharmacity, each employee is a valuable asset that contributes to the overall success of the chain. Therefore, Pharmacity constantly creates an attractive and inclusive working environment, where all employees have equal opportunities to be trained, researched and proactive to bring out the best for themselves. and collective and provide the best products and services according to the needs of customers.

With efforts to provide an ideal working environment for the team in 2020, Pharmacity has been voted as “Best Company to Work for in Healthcare” and “Top 50 Best Companies to Work for”. working in Vietnam” by Career Builder.

doi ngu duoc si pharmacity duoc dao tao chuyen sau va day dan kinh nghiem 44474b4c454840fe82bf0ba17ac050d2
Pharmacity’s team of pharmacists are highly trained and experienced

Along with the publicity and transparency of the new welfare policy including salary increase, allowances and commissions, Pharmacity is always interested in employees with good performance or seniority to make policy decisions. reasonable seniority allowance and year-end bonus from 1-12 months basic salary.

Pioneering in implementing community responsibility

Over the years, Pharmacity is not only a reputable and quality pharmacy chain, but also known as one of the businesses that actively implement projects of great significance and value to the community.

With the goal of incubating future generations, Pharmacity has become a reliable scholarship sponsor for the following universities: Hanoi Pharmacy; Nguyen Tat Thanh; Hutech & Lac Hong with a total scholarship value of more than 1 billion VND. Pharmacity has combined to offer long-term cooperation exchanges on recruitment, training of professional knowledge as well as soft skills, and at the same time received and facilitated internships for students at Pharmacity’s pharmacy system. .

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pharmacity has accompanied more than 10 billion VND (in kind and in cash) to field hospitals, frontline anti-epidemic to join hands to prevent and repel the pandemic from the early days. Besides, in coordination with local health forces, about 400 Pharmacity pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh City have effectively implemented the F0 home care program. With the spirit of sharing with the poor, promoting the tradition of solidarity for the community, Pharmacity has cooperated with the Hanoi Red Cross Society to present hundreds of Tet gifts with a total value of 450 million VND to poor households in the region. Hanoi table during the Lunar New Year 2022.

dai dien pharmacity trao tang 11000 bo test nhanh covid 19 cho dai dien ban to chuc sea games 31 5756b478b06944d5a6cdd94f2c1b8945
Pharmacity representative presents 11,000 Covid-19 quick test kits to representatives of the 31st SEA Games Organizing Committee

With more and more competitors appearing in the market, the pharmacy chain always maintains its orientation to become the leading sustainable pharmaceutical enterprise in the industry – identifying people as the focus of development and the top priority to Services include customers, employees and the social community.

On the morning of April 19, 2022, Pharmacity cooperated with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi awarded 11,000 Covid-19 rapid test kits to the 31st SEA Games Organizing Committee (with a total value of 950 million VND). Pharmacity’s companion activity with this leading sporting event in the region aims to contribute with the organizers to a safe and successful congress, once again affirming the appropriate adaptation strategy for the “post-post” period. Covid-19” by the Vietnamese government.

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