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Thanh Thanh Hien: ‘I don’t care about love’

Singer Thanh Thanh Hien said that she enjoys being single, avoiding all romantic relationships, after two years of divorce from Che Phong.

She recently accepted to be the head of the jury of the singing contest “The Bolero Star” (from May to July). On this occasion, the artist confided about love and future plans.

Thanh Thanh Hien divorce Che Phong in 2020, after 5 years of living together. Before Che Phong, the singer had a marriage with lute musician Hoang Anh Tu, with two daughters.

– How is your life after two years of divorce?

– I am satisfied with my single life. Every day, I’m busy performing, taking care of the house. Besides music, my biggest joy now is my two daughters, who are more obedient and understanding as they grow up.

At first Break up, I struggled for a while, but fortunately had many friends who cared and shared. Every time I stand on stage, I forget everything and focus on performing for the audience. Hearing the loud applause, I felt relieved.

Many nights, I was startled because I had nightmares and was not used to being alone. I was fortunate to have my daughter by my side, holding my mother’s hand. My youngest child, Thai Phuong (19 years old), said: “Don’t be sad, mom, please treat this event as a math problem. If you solve it wrong, then solve it again.” I was surprised that he had such deep thoughts. I think two years is long enough for me to calm down, put aside all the old things, and be more calm. That’s me in my 50s, so it took me so long. When I was young, I only needed a few days to end a relationship. I also cut off all contact with my ex-husband. I think it’s the best of both worlds. Everyone needs to start a new life.

Thanh Thanh Hien duet with her daughter

Thanh Thanh Hien duet with her daughter Thai Phuong “Dream Age” (Pham Duy) in July last year. Video: Youtube Border Region

– What do you think about finding new love?

– For the past few decades, until the moment of breaking up with my ex-husband, I always loved and did not stop loving. Many friends in the world make fun of me, describing my love as: “hit the wall, head to the ground”. After the incident, I’m still letting my heart rest. My children love and understand their mother very much, never forbid her to walk again or have a boyfriend. But right now, I don’t want to be in a relationship. I told him everything, including the fact that someone was chasing and flirting with me. Thai Phuong also has my phone password, can read messages, knows all of my mother’s relationships. We joked: “This is the time when you have to take measures to stop all attacks”. I want to keep my mind at ease until I meet someone who really shakes me.

Thanh Thanh Hien at the age of 53. Photo: Tienduy Luong

Thanh Thanh Hien at the age of 53. Photo: Tienduy Luong

– How do you tell your children about love?

– My parents and children are close friends, always sharing all joys and sorrows. With the love story of my children, I do not prohibit, examine, show confidence in every decision of the two children.

I said: “There are good and bad examples. Children, look at my mother’s two failures to draw lessons for you.” I am an emotional person, often letting my heart overwhelm my reason. Tu Linh – my eldest daughter is different. I studied abroad early, exposed to the American working style, so I was very disciplined, scientific and rational. What I appreciate most about her is that after 5 years of going abroad, she still retains the swagger of a Hanoi girl. I have long black hair, dress modestly, and don’t get caught up in the liberal American style. Thai Phuong is the version of me when I was young. I dress more maturely than my peers, like folk and lyrical music. I always say, “Please share with me, I will be with you, but the important thing is to tell the truth”. When I heard the truth, no matter what, I never judged but put myself in my child’s shoes to understand.

Thanh Thanh Hien with her youngest daughter - Thai Phuong.  Photo: Facebook Thanh Thanh Hien

Thanh Thanh Hien with her youngest daughter – Thai Phuong. Image: Facebook Thanh Thanh Hien

– What difficulties do you face as a single mother?

– I’m independent and self-reliant for a long time, so it’s not too difficult. However, I also have economic pressure, especially during the two years of the epidemic. Every year, Tu Linh studies in the US, the cost of studying and living for her children is about 32,000 USD. If my child goes to a master’s degree, I have to worry about $35,000. During the epidemic, I could not go to school, nor work part-time to help my mother. I still make her believe that her mother is capable of letting her sit still and take care of her own health. The youngest daughter is a student at the National Academy of Music, sang and earned money, but I let her keep it as my own capital. My children often joke with me: “Mom is the most prestigious bank”. In return, the two children are good, study well, making me feel secure. I am fortunate to be loved by the audience, so I maintain a fairly high and stable salary level.

– What are your plans in the near future?

– I want to participate in organizing and judging many competitions related to folk and lyrical music, finding good factors to cultivate. My daughter is also into the arts, but I currently let her develop freely, without any intervention. I just advise her to always keep her hair black and wear a long dress when on stage. That is a beautiful image. Many people compare their children to me. Of course, Thai Phuong was influenced by her mother, but she also has a better point, which is knowing how to play many ethnic musical instruments.

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