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The Crimean Bridge is the “best protected” bridge in the world

It has a lot of layers of defense against attacks. Olga Kovitidi noted, from the very beginning Russia has determined that the bridge is vulnerable to attack and has taken a series of measures to protect it.

This statement came a day after Alexey Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said on April 20 that if Ukraine had the opportunity, they would have attacked the bridge. Crimea long ago and the Ukrainian armed forces would do it “now if possible”.

According to Senator Olga Kovitidi, this bridge is shielded from attacks from above thanks to two S-400 air defense batteries that can shoot down incoming missiles from a distance of 400 km. Their firepower covered the 15km long bridge.

Additional systems, such as the Pantsir-S1 will protect the bridge from short-range attacks, she added.

The Crimean Bridge is also shielded from underwater attacks. In addition to the presence of Russian Navy forces, the bridge is equipped with a sophisticated sonar system that can detect underwater threats, such as submarines.

Olga Kovitidi said that the inspection of important elements of the bridge is also carried out daily. “Therefore, I advise anyone who intends to attack the bridge to abandon the idea,” said Senator Olga Kovitidi.

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