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The middle age is wise and peaceful, it is imperative to remember 1 rule: The less the better.

1. The less food in the stomach, the less disease

American scientists performed an experiment with 200 monkeys.

They divided the monkeys into two groups.

One group did not control their portions and let them eat to their heart’s content;

One group was subjected to strict dietary control. This group only feeds them 7.8 servings each meal.

After 10 years of follow-up, the scientists found that the group of monkeys who were fed to their heart’s content were obese and suffered from many diseases.

Some have fatty liver, some have coronary heart disease and high blood pressure…

In the end, only 50/100 of the monkeys survived.

The group of monkeys that followed the control diet had much better results, with 88 out of 100 monkeys surviving.

Someone said:

“The most healing things in the world are food and words.”

There is no denying that good food brings us a lot of joy and enjoyment.

However, scientific studies have confirmed that eating too much can cause the brain to stagnate, thereby leading to a series of potential health risks.

Tang Quoc Phien’s diet is light, light and vegetarian.

Therefore, in daily life, he usually only eats porridge and vegetables as the main dish, and rarely eats fatty fish and meat.

In “The Book of Tang Quoc Phien”, he also warns future generations:

“The younger generation don’t eat meat at night, eat vegetable soup instead of gravy. It’s both nutritious and economical.”

At the same time, he also attaches importance to moderation with the policy of:

“Nutritional food needs a certain time, can not be used too much at once.”

When people no longer have to worry about clothing, food is not only a need to fill our stomach but also a means for us to experience a better life.

The middle age is wise, at ease, it is imperative to remember 1 rule: The less the better - Photo 1.

2. The more lacking The more you talk, the less harm you bring to your body

When language is not a tool to warm people’s hearts, it can become a weapon to hurt others.

The person who likes to show off his tongue will only bring himself into a spiral of chaos.

The more you talk, the more vulnerable you are, and in the end you are the one who suffers.

I read this story in a book:

Hai Le, is a part-time employee at the company. She is very smart, energetic and has a quick mind.

But the strange thing is that she was never promoted by her boss.

It turned out that Hai Le did a good job, but she was harmed by her own mouth.

Not only did she talk a lot, but she also talked without knowing how heavy or light.

When chatting with colleagues, she sat and complained that her boss had no eyes, she had never been promoted to such a good performance for a long time;

When the superiors arranged the work for everyone in the meeting, before the boss finished speaking, Le was the first to respond, then began to speak nonstop;

Another time, Le went to her boss to sign the deal she just negotiated.

After being signed by the boss, the customer repeatedly praised: “Your signature is really impressive!”

At this moment, Hai Le interjected:

“How can you not be impressed? Our boss has been secretly practicing writing for three months.”

Immediately, both the boss and the customer felt awkward.

The boss blushed, not knowing how to respond.

Immediately after Hai Le’s contract expired, the boss felt that she was too impulsive, so he decided to directly fire her.

I have seen this saying:

“Life is a result of your words and actions.”

Your mouth becomes the door to happiness or unhappiness, it’s all up to you to decide.

There is an old saying “Bend your tongue seven times before you speak”.

Think carefully before opening your mouth, it is better to say less than to say much; Better to be silent than to talk.

Painting comes from the mouth, being able to say a little less will reduce a lot of harmful things that happen.

The middle age is wise, at ease, it is imperative to remember 1 rule: The less, the better - Photo 2.

3. The less desire, the less natural sorrow

Desire is what drives us forward, but if we get too caught up in it, this is the source of suffering.

There is a story like this:

Once, an experienced jeweler of the expedition sent a team of 500 men out to sea in search of treasure.

When they reach their destination and see gems all over the land, they become greedy and constantly move the gems onto the boat.

Even though the boat was full, it still refused to stop.

The adventurer repeatedly advised that the ship would be in danger of sinking due to overloading, but the people did not heed his advice.

With no other choice, the adventurer could only dispose of all the gems on his ship and return in an empty boat.

After the ship was launched, what the adventurer feared happened.

Everyone else’s ship was sunk. At the crucial moment, the adventurer saved everyone with his empty ship.

Things that don’t belong to us, like illusions, can disappear in the blink of an eye.

When greed exceeds the limit, people will lose their reason, not only not getting what they want, but also losing everything that was originally there.

Desire is a human instinct, but what sets it apart is the ability to control desire.

When you are dominated by lust, you will be like falling into a black hole without any light.

In the novel “The Sorrow of My Heart” by Dich Thu, the character “Mr. Ho” despite his poor family background, by his own efforts managed to get into a famous university.

After graduating, he worked in a bank, and soon he became the head of the finance department.

He has an admirable family, a virtuous wife, an intelligent daughter and an extremely prosperous life.

However, still not satisfied with that, he took advantage of his position and authority to approve large amounts of money for others and then profit.

He also bribed a lot of high-end wine and expensive watches, and had affairs with other women abroad and had children out of wedlock.

Later, his corrupt behavior was discovered, and his future was also ruined.

His wife and children also left him, and ended up dying in prison full of regret.

“People’s newspaper” once published:

“We always run after the untouchables, forgetting that real happiness in life is none other than the warmth of dim lights and the abundance of firewood, rice, oil, and salt.”

Desire does not distinguish between good and evil, but if it expands too much, it will become the enemy of happiness.

“Know how to enjoy what you have and let go of unrealistic desires.”

In a world full of temptations, what we have to do is not be bound by vain desires, not blindly chasing after fantasies.

It takes half a person’s life to see through: What’s holding you back is your obsession with wanting more.

A really beautiful life, should know the pursuit of the word “little”.

Speak less, think carefully before speaking, bring less harm to the body;

Eat less, do not eat excessively, rarely bring diseases into the body;

The heart with little desire, always knowing how to be content with what you have, will be less troubled.


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