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The number of new cases of COVID-19 globally decreased by nearly 25%

WHO announced that the number of new cases of COVID-19 globally decreased by nearly 25% – Photo: The Dong-a Ilbo

Specifically, number of cases of COVID-19 In the week from April 11-17, there were nearly 5.59 million cases, a decrease of 24% compared to the previous week, the number of deaths related to COVID-19 also decreased by 21% to 18,215 cases.

According to WHO, every region has recorded a decrease in the number of cases, especially in the Americas, the rate of decrease is only about 2%. However, this agency also noted that the downtrend should be approached and analyzed with caution. In the context that many countries are changing their testing strategies for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, reducing the number of tests, leading to a decrease in the number of reported COVID-19 cases.

Shanghai eases blockade

The city of Shanghai, China has officially eased the blockade order imposed since the end of March to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. While the capitals of Japan and India are on guard against the risk of a re-epidemic outbreak.

The city of Shanghai, China yesterday eased the blockade order when allowing 4 million people to go out. The places to be eased are areas with no new cases reported, people are allowed to leave their homes but still restrict access to neighboring residential areas.

Shanghai officials say that currently 12.3 million of the city’s 25 million are in “control” or “prevention” zones, the lowest level of restriction in the three-tier system. Yesterday, Shanghai city recorded more than 20,000 people recovered from the disease.

The number of new COVID-19 cases globally decreased by nearly 25% - Photo 1.

A test site for COVID-19 in Shanghai, China on April 6. Photo: Kyodo/VNA

Tokyo is wary of the possibility of a resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan has decided to maintain the “epidemic re-epidemic phase” for another month to be ready to deal with the possibility of a sharp increase in the number of new cases of COVID-19 after the pandemic. long holiday.

During the application period from now to May 22, restaurants in Tokyo will be able to relax the limit on the number of guests in groups from 4 people to 8 people. However, dining time is restricted to 2 hours and the restaurant is only allowed to serve alcoholic beverages until 9pm. In addition, the Tokyo government urged people to complete the third dose of vaccination before participating in travel during the upcoming “Golden Week”.

Re-applying epidemic prevention measures in New Delhi

In India, the New Delhi capital government has required people to wear masks again after the number of new COVID-19 infections increased in recent days.

The number of new infections in the capital New Delhi now accounts for more than 42% of the total 2,380 cases nationwide. However, medical experts say there is no need to worry too much. Despite the high number of new infections, the number of hospitalizations is still low and hospitals are still capable of treating them.

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