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The secret life, the student appearance of “Ngu A Ca” To Huu Bang at the age of 49

Show, keyword “To Huu Bang gaining weight” and the image of the ageless handsome man in the Chinese entertainment industry is the focus of discussion of the Chinese online community. It is known that the actor participated in the program. Great dance crew As a judge, MC. This is also a rare event he has participated in in the last two years.

After a while in hiding, To Huu Bang’s appearance was immediately “checked” by fans. According to some opinions, the actor gained a bit of weight, but his face was still intact. Many viewers commented that the 49-year-old actor still retains his style and youthful appearance despite his age.

The secret life of

The latest image of To Huu Bang after 2 years in hiding (Photo: Sina).

To the comments that he gained weight, To Huu Bang responded in a humorous and cheerful way. For the past three years, To Huu Bang has been less active in art. He does not act in movies, only participates in a number of entertainment programs, absent from many events. There is information that the actor participates in retreats and chooses a simple and secret life.

To Huu Bang was born in Taipei and is a filial, talented son with an admirable academic record of his family. However, he decided to pursue an artistic path at the age of 20 when he participated in the program selection Opposing youth and successful.

The secret life of

To Huu Bang is now 49 years old, but still possesses a youthful, scholarly appearance (Photo: Sohu).

The secret life of

The actor participated as an MC and judge for a TV show (Photo: Sina).

Before becoming an actor, Huu Bang was a member of the boy band Little Tigers. At that time, To Huu Bang’s handsome, young and innocent face made many girls fall in love. Now, after more than 25 years of artistic activities, To Huu Bang’s face is said to have never “aged”.

The role that made him famous throughout Asia is Ngu A Ca in two parts Hoan Chau distance. From a singer, To Huu Bang turned to an actor and received the support of fans. In 2010, To Huu Bang received the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Bach Tieu Nian in the movie. Phong Thanh.

The secret life of

To Huu Bang paired up with Trieu Vy in “The Way of Hoan Chau” (Photo: Sina).

The secret life of

Over the years, To Huu Bang and Trieu Vy have remained close friends and collaborators at work (Photo: Sina).

Two years later, he turned to become a TV producer and successfully debuted with the drama If not, then stop (Non-characteristic interference). The film received the 2013 Best Producer Award at the 2013 Asian Idol Awards ceremony of Anhui station (China).

Next, he challenged himself as a director with a movie work Left ear, adapted from the novel of the same name. In recent years, To Huu Bang no longer acts in films, but focuses on the work of producer and director. However, the charm of “Ngu A Ca” is still strong with fans.

At the age of U50, To Huu Bang is not married and has never revealed his love story to the public. The Chinese media once rumored about To Huu Bang’s one-sided but sincere love for his good co-star, actress Trieu Vy. He fell in love with Trieu Vy when he collaborated with her in Hoan Chau distance.

The secret life of

At the age of 49, To Huu Bang is still single (Photo: Weibo).

For years, To Huu Bang still maintains a close relationship with Trieu Vy and Lam Tam Nhu, his co-stars in Hoan Chau distance. Currently, at the age of 49, To Huu Bang is unmarried and his love life is a mystery to fans. In 2021, To Huu Bang was secretly married to longtime manager Amy since 2010, but the actor denied it.

Talking about his current life, To Huu Bang shared: “Before the age of 40, I spent 90% of my time at work. A busy life can be gained or lost. However, I realize that I shouldn’t spend my whole life doing work. job”.

The actor now finds joy in work and volunteering. He established a charity fund to help build schools for children in disadvantaged areas. According to the sheet Ettoday, To Huu Bang owns a fortune of about 200 million yuan (31 million USD).

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