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The “step-aunt” abused a girl in the city. HCM is due to jealousy

Proposal to prosecute biological father and “step-aunt” for abusing 8-year-old boy to death

On April 22, according to Dan Tri, the Investigation Police Agency Ho Chi Minh City Police transferred all dossiers, evidences, investigation conclusions to the People’s Procuracy of the same level, and proposed to prosecute the accused. Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang (27 years old, residing in Gia Lai) on charges of Murder and Torture of others; defendant Nguyen Kim Trung Thai (37 years old, living in District 1) on charges of Tormenting others and Concealing crimes.

Previously, the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security newspaper quoted an investigation conclusion that showed that Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang had an emotional relationship with Nguyen Kim Trung Thai. After that, Trang moved back to live with Thai and VA grandchild (8 years old, Thai’s son with his ex-wife) at Saigon Pearl apartment (Nguyen Huu Canh street, ward 22, Binh Thanh district).

In the process of living together, Trang repeatedly used a rattan whip to beat and torture A., causing many bruises on the baby. Thai also witnessed many times that baby A. was beaten by Trang with a cane and a stick but did not dissuade her, even sometimes scolding and hitting her daughter.

On December 22, 2021, in the process of teaching A. to study, Trang beat him many times because he did wrong homework. At noon of the same day, A. said he was tired and went to the rest room and vomited.

Seeing that, Trang called Thai home. Thai took A. to the bathroom to make him vomit. When he saw that A.’s health condition worsened, Thai called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. However, child A. later died.

Conclusion of the investigation: The stepmother who abused the girl in Ho Chi Minh City was jealous - Photo 1.

Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang and Nguyen Kim Trung Thai were proposed by the Ho Chi Minh City Police to prosecute.

After conducting an investigation and collecting evidence, the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Bureau in turn prosecuted and detained Trang and Thai in connection with the death of baby VA.

Equipped to prosecute and investigate two crimes of torturing others and murder; Thai was prosecuted and investigated for two crimes of torturing others and concealing a crime.

Confessing to the police, Thai said that from mid-2020, Trang sometimes yelled and beat A. From October 2021 onwards, she had to study online, so Thai assigned Trang to tutor her.

From this point on, Trang often cursed and beat A. with her hands and feet, wooden sticks, iron trees, plastic pipes, rattan whips…

Rehibilitate camera In the house, the Investigation Police Agency determined, Trang repeatedly abused and beat baby A., Thai also witnessed this incident but did not intervene.

Not only that, while waiting for an emergency at the hospital, Trang told Thai about beating baby VA At this time, Thai did not report or denounce Trang’s behavior, but went to the phone application to connect the camera in the house. apartment, delete camera data.

Conclusion of the investigation on the cause of the “step-aunt” abusing the girl

Regarding the motive of the crime, Trang stated that she beat and tortured the child because the girl did not study well. However, this is a false statement because of the verification results from the homeroom teacher, the nanny at the school where A. is studying, the girl is a diligent student, absorbing lessons well.

The camera data shows that Trang repeatedly beat the girl outside of school time, she beat the child for unreasonable reasons, using the excuse to beat and torture.

Nhip Sinh Viet quoted information from the investigation that showed that because Thai did not want to have children with Trang, his family did not accept Trang. This reason makes Trang very jealous of Ms. Nguyen Thi H. (Thai’s ex-wife).

Quynh Trang’s step-aunt used to come to the house of the 8-year-old baby’s mother, forbidding Ms. H. to see her child. The step-aunt also went to Thai’s Facebook account to delete all pictures of Ms. H.

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