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The thief entered the house and stole the wedding envelope

Newly married, the groom in Nghe An was stolen 4.5 gold trees and 900 envelopes of congratulatory money - Photo 1.

The thief is pulling the curtain to cover the camera

On April 22, a leader of the People’s Committee of Quynh Bang commune (Quynh Luu district, Nghe An) said that the commune police are urgently investigating to clarify the theft that happened in the area.

Initial information said that the theft happened on the evening of April 21, at Mr. TA’s family (SN 1996, residing in Quynh Bang commune, Quynh Luu district).

Mr. TA said that he had just held a wedding ceremony on April 19, all the gold and wedding envelopes were stored in a safe and a cabinet in his house.

That night, the whole family of Mr. TA went to see the opening program of Bien Quynh tourism, when the crook broke into the house to take all the gold and wedding envelopes.

According to Mr. TA’s initial statistics, the amount of stolen property was 4.5 wedding gold trees and more than 900 wedding envelopes both of his parents and his wife’s TA.

This group of thieves has about 2-3 people. They broke through the back door, broke the tempered glass, and then sneaked into the house to break the safe. Then climb up to the 2nd floor, but the door of the room you enter continues to steal. The amount of money stolen is about 1 billion VND“, TA said and said, this group of thieves knows where the family has installed the camera, so wherever they go, they always pull the curtain to cover it.

Mr. TA said, the reason for holding a wedding for 2 days but not counting the wedding envelopes because relatives from far away stayed at home, so his family took relatives out. It was estimated that a few days after his relatives returned, his family counted the wedding envelopes, but on the night of April 21, a theft occurred.

Immediately after discovering the incident, the family reported the matter to the police.

Extracting images from recorded security cameras, a thief wearing a white hat and mask. Wear a light yellow red and white striped collar t-shirt, and dark shorts.

The case is still being investigated by the police. mung-20220422153732664.htm

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