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The US may lower tariffs on Chinese imports

US Deputy National Security Adviser Daleep Singh in a statement on April 21 said that the country may lower tariffs on non-strategic items imported from China such as bicycles or clothing to contribute cool down inflation.

According to him, the tariffs that the administration of former President Donald Trump has imposed may have provided an advantage in negotiations, but not for strategic purposes, and China has responded.

He said that the US is facing an opportunity to act at a time of high inflation and China has big supply chain problems.

He said the US could use the tax to advance strategic priorities such as strengthening key supply chains and maintaining a dominant position in underlying technologies.

For goods that do not meet the above targets, maintaining the current tax rate is not necessary.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in December 2021 that the tariff cuts implemented under Trump on Chinese imports through the waiver process could help cool inflation. broadcast.

Mr. Singh said the administration of President Joe Biden believes that Chinese banks and companies are generally cautious and avoid assisting Russia in evading Western sanctions related to the conflict in Ukraine, and highlighted the interests of China. China’s interest in maintaining trade relations with the West.

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