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The whole neighborhood grows trees, recycles and reuses waste

Who is that?

Looking back and forth in this neighborhood, sometimes… everyone is a “suspect”! The house on the left, the large garden is old, the vines crawl between the two green houses. The first house on the right, the owner arranges the front as a beautiful little relaxing corner: the green fake grass covers the small path, the top has a cool roof, two small chairs are placed on either side of the table. lovely tea. At first glance, it looks like the entrance to a tea shop, not an ordinary residential house in the alley. Last house, covered with climbing flowers swinging. The whole entrance is as beautiful as a picture.

Ah, but who put their hand through the fence to fertilize the plants?

Outside the neighborhood, there’s a sanitation worker, every time you collect garbage, you see an old wooden cabinet that has lost its door, a wooden shelf, or a broken leg chair… are automatically saved for the Yen couple. To spend? To recycle, reduce waste, make a children’s bookcase for those kids. But this case is long, to tell later.

But I’m a recycling guy, so I guess I’m not the one doing this.

What’s wrong with the neighborhood, if you wake up a little late, you will lose the slot to water the plants (in my house)! The new homeowner got up and went out to the yard to water the plants, when the neighbor Tu said, “I’m watering the plants for you guys.”

Cosmic house in Saigon alley: The whole neighborhood grows trees, recycles and reuses waste - Photo 1.

Today… more and more “escalating”, going straight to dropping manure for the trees

Very cool here. For Yen and her husband, the house in a small hamlet in Binh Thanh is really a gift from the universe.

Two years ago, Yen and his wife with two young children rented a house with a ground floor and two floors over there. The house is too wide, from the ground floor to the terrace full of stuff. It’s all people’s stuff… throwing trash around: The rags after sewing the curtains of the curtain shops, people take out the bags, it’s all good, clean and lots of big fabrics. Like the fabric of the curtain legs, the size of two hands wide, sometimes tens of meters long, the fabric lining the curtain is thin film or hard chiffon. Every few days or a week, each store collects bags, and then has to pay to hire a garbage truck to throw away. According to the people’s garbage collection road, these clean cloth bags will be shared in the car with vegetable stalks, fish heads, bones, baby diapers, etc. to the garbage treatment center, and then burned to ashes according to the garbage treatment process. Living. In some fairly modern waste treatment centers such as the Waste Treatment Complex in Binh Duong, the ash is mixed with additives, pressed into bricks or mixed with nutrients to make compost for sale to farms, but also can only handle a few.

In the afternoon, when taking their children for a walk, Yen and his wife saw that people put garbage in that way, but felt their guts hurt. If only I had this amount of fabric, sewn it into cloth bags to go to the market, go to school, carry lunch boxes to work instead of plastic bags, where I live would reduce a lot of garbage, how many things are being wasted. It’s good to get on with its life. The couple looked back and forth and then waited while they were absent… picked up a bag. Oh my god, is there anyone who goes to collect garbage and has to sneak like that? Well, it’s a bit embarrassing, I’ve never done this before anyway!

Picked up and discharged, the fabric is good but ham. Making a plan to recycle fabric and mustering up the courage, the couple went straight to the sewing shops to ask for it right from the time it was first given up. Most of the shops happily agreed and promised to call when it was full.

So about every few weeks, after finishing the working hours of a national airline pilot, Yen’s husband beat his shorts and drove a motorbike to carry rags home. Carrying around as a silk steering wheel, he tied and arranged the large canvas bags neatly. Even the tailor’s catalogs of fabric samples, they throw away in bulk every season. The fabric samples are good and have very beautiful patterns, the size is 25 cm x 30 cm or larger, but will also suffer the same fate of burning to ashes. Yen and his wife begged for everything, then the deer pulled out the layer of nails and clogs, which were firmly nailed, removed all the layers of cardboard and nails, separated the layers of fabric, and cut off the very strong rimmed paper glue. Not to mention all the effort and time of them and their friends, which in the eyes of many people is “free time, doing crap”. But it is also impossible to mention the number of beautiful thin fabrics that have been revived, ready to be sewn to decorate bags of all kinds, or given away at freecycle groups, turned into tablecloths, curtains, hair bands or Any useful product depends on the creativity of the maker.

A few years ago, from Toan’s thought about setting up a children’s bookcase, Yen and his wife used their personal money to buy and ask for and collect children’s books to set up bookcases in an ethnic minority area in Vietnam. Dak Lak. Now, with this limitless abundance of rags, the couple thought of another project. They brought a sister from the village down to live in the same house, bought a sewing machine and an overlock machine, and the two sisters tried to sew cloth bags of all kinds. Almost a year later, when she was an adult, she returned to her hometown, brought a sewing machine and taught the women in the village how to sew recycled canvas bags. Every month, Yen and her husband send cleaned and cut-to-size cloth to the wholesaler, pay wages for the number of cloth bags sewn and receive them back to sell to raise money to buy books. They named the fund “For a bright tomorrow”, reducing waste, keeping the environment clean and sustainable for our children.

Two years of COVID confining others at home, also stopping the projects of Yen and her husband. But they still carry rags home and then call people who are environmentally conscious and love recycling to come … to give back. As mentioned, so many beautiful and useful products have been revived from the pile of cloth on the way to the landfill.

Cosmic house in Saigon alley: The whole neighborhood grows trees, recycles and reuses waste - Photo 2.

About three years ago, Yen and his wife moved to a house in a small hamlet in Binh Thanh – the village mentioned at the beginning of the article. The reason is also very funny: old neighbors often seem annoyed when Yen’s house often has people in and out (for recycling projects, hobby of planting trees and setting up children’s bookcases). The couple is looking for another house, hoping that the “universe” will give a house spacious enough to fully implement their community projects.

Not afraid of the “universe” for real. Do exactly as requested. Even so, as to compensate for the past, the “universe” offers a neighbor space that is not only comfortable and cute, but also fits together at the point of being generous, loving nature, trees, and spreading awareness. recycle, reuse, reduce waste.

Cosmos house in Saigon alley: The whole neighborhood grows trees, recycles and reuses waste - Photo 3.

From a very spacious house, but rats ran in and bullied cats, just building a little bit every day, up to now, both front and back yards are green with flowers and dozens of plants. There is no tree that Yen has to buy. The part friends exchange, give each person a little, the part is … picked up from the trees people have abandoned, brought back to care for them to be green again.

Two years of COVID, children can’t go to school, lack communication space, so they are moody. Yen and her husband and a few families and friends with young children discuss creating a gathering environment for them. They bring their children to play together, the parents split up with someone to cook meals, someone to read books to the children. The husbands enthusiastically became carpenters and builders to light lamps, build bookcases, and pump bathtubs for children to play with. Months of isolation and blockade went by with ease, without gloom and fear. The adults and children in the neighborhood also naturally became close to each other.

nha vu tru 6 1650558031343107164312
nha vu tru 5 16505580313272049587272

Last Christmas night, a friend carried a large pine tree, another carried a set of lights. Dozens of young birds beaks and their parents chirped.

During Tet, a neighbor who went for a jog in the morning saw that dry bamboo dust was removed, immediately called back to call his teammates to pick them up. Red envelopes are hung on bamboo bushes, adding (reusable) lights in the middle of the green leaf garden. At the end of the year, the neighbors gathered for a few tables at home, it was also sparkling, jubilant and crowded!

Recently, they are preparing for the community library.

“Neighbors’ lockers brought home. He said, “I don’t know what to do, when I see people leave, just take it back”. After that, two new carpenters worked hard to cut and paint, and turned it into an open-air bookcase like this:

“The cabinet is exposed but it’s waterproof, so it’s okay, but if something happens, it’s okay, because it has lived more useful days.

ngoi nha vu tru 1 1650558514137497009369
ngoi nha vu tru 2 1650557951202408324182

The plan is to store books on the upper floor, anyone who needs it can borrow it, read it, return it, no need to write a book, no deposit at all. Freedom, self-responsibility. Well, of course, my house has cameras all around, and you guys don’t have to worry about stealing all the books and cabinets, our neighborhood has a few layers of anti-theft systems (all cameras run on rice-written notes). In the cupboard will be to represent only a certain number, the rest of the books are being cleaned up for the library in the house. Downstairs there will be a basket to receive donated books. If you come but I’m not at home, or if you want to donate but are too shy, leave it there, “-Yen wrote on her personal page.

Yen’s two babies love books and love reading books to their mother. They don’t like ipads but like to play with trees, dogs, with friends, help their father hold tools to practice carpentry and follow their parents to the Central Highlands to make bookcases, do rags recycling projects, go everywhere since childhood. young. Too familiar with the parents’ “trash” collection, once sat in the car with her mother to go out on the street, she even showed her mother a wooden cabinet that only lost the door people threw in the trash, asking her mother to bring it back with a voice stupid stupidity.

The bright future of the whole earth still depends on countless human efforts, but the future of Yen’s family, with children who have not yet entered primary school, already know not to abuse plastic bags and know the taboo in them. home is profane and smoking, knows how to enjoy recycling and waste reduction, knows how to love nature and animals, knows how to live in harmony with the surrounding environment… was bright and will always be bright.

Cosmic house in Saigon alley: The whole neighborhood grows trees, recycles and reuses waste - Photo 6.

Like a vital seed planted in good soil, this small family’s lifestyle attracts, pervades and resonates everywhere they live into a clean and green community, naturally and simply yet enduring and much stronger than slogans that are dazzling and loud.

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