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The wife pays too much to spy on her husband

According to information from the Taiwanese press, a wife, surnamed Zhao, secretly entered her husband’s phone the day before the wedding ceremony. Because she was afraid that he was having an affair without her knowing it, she decided to turn on her husband’s “location sharing” function with her phone to let him go, you know.

This is a way the wife learned on social media to control her husband in secret. This woman believes that she is a wife and has the right to do so to preserve family happiness.

Strange action in mobile newlyweds, the wife has to pay dearly!  - Photo 1.


After the installation is complete, the wife is very confident in controlling her husband. Later, she also told her husband about this and claimed that he could be found anytime, anywhere he went.

The husband asked his wife to uninstall it, she was not happy but agreed.

One day, the husband and his friend went to eat hot pot. He suddenly remembered this, so he asked you to check if his location sharing was turned off on his phone. The husband himself is “technology blind”, so he has not been able to check.

After the friend opened it, he saw that his mobile phone was still sharing location. It turned out that the wife continued to follow her husband after the marriage.

Unable to accept this, the husband was extremely angry and quarreled with his wife. In the end, he divorced and took his wife to court for invasion of privacy. The marriage Theirs lasted only eight months.

Strange action in mobile newlyweds, the wife has to pay dearly!  - Photo 2.


In court, Ms. Trieu said that she opened the location sharing function without her husband’s consent for personal reasons. She believes she was abused by her husband. However, the prosecutor checked the records of the conversation between the couple and did not find any evidence as Ms. Trieu said. In the end, they charged her with invasion of privacy, controlling other people’s non-public activities with electronic devices.

That said, even husband and wife should respect each other’s privacy rights. No one wants too much control. The extreme in thinking and acting will only receive really unacceptable endings!

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