Thong Soai ca was called by VTV

He emerged on the social networking platform Tiktok, appearing on stage as a cult star.

The popular short video creation and viewing service TikTok has surpassed Facebook to become the world’s most popular social networking platform has led to a fever for profit and popularity on this platform.

However, not all content creators build channels with useful knowledge, some parts burn the stage with dirty content. From revealing clothes, shocking statements, inciting to do bad things…

Recently, the program 24h Movement of VTV24, there was a news report that exposed this ridiculous game, this defiant view sentence. This newsletter emphasizes: “These are very alarming culturally deviant content.”

Notably, a character that is emerging as a network phenomenon mentioned by VTV is Wise Men. This character is currently an emerging Tiktoker, but the coverage is overwhelming on the forums not only Tiktok but also Facebook.

Thong Soai Ca was called by VTV: Tiktok channel contains bullshit content-1Thong Soai Ca was called by VTV: Tiktok channel contains bullshit content-2
Thong Soai Ca emerged with clips with bullshit content

Thong Soai Ca’s real name is Nguyen Minh Thong, a native of Hanoi, famous on the internet with the viral saying “People are afraid to flirt with you, why are you bored?“. After just one night of storming on “Cosmetic top”, Thong Soai ca’s channel now has 1.7 million flowers.

Most of the male Tiktoker clips receive a large number of views, with videos up to 38 million views.

However, these videos are rated by this newsletter as spam content, with some bullshit. Recently, Thong Soi Ge appeared at an event, or on official posters as a star The cult caused people to be disgruntled and criticized.

Thong Soai Ca was called by VTV: Tiktok channel contains bullshit content-3
The phenomenon of the network appearing on the official poster of the event made people angry

Many people believe that art must bring good value and emerge as an idol youth This will have a significant impact on young people – the vast majority of users of this social media platform.

Educational psychologist Ho Thi Thanh Huong gave an interview on 24h Movement suppose, I think: “The fact that young people watch toxic content will affect their perception, making them not understand what is the norm.

Not knowing what is right and wrong and sometimes even hiding it from adults. This negative thought is constantly going on in my head and will one day turn into action.”

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