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Tonight, Vietnamese people welcome the oldest meteor shower

Video: Lyrids star rain in the night sky over Changbai Mountains, Jilin, China April 2017

According to a representative of the Vietnam Astronomy and Cosmology Association (VACA), the Lyrids meteor shower peaked on the night of April 22 and early morning of April 23. No more than 20 shooting stars are expected every hour during peak times. The meteors are not too bright and clear. The reason, the above phenomenon is difficult to observe in places with high pollution levels (big cities, densely populated areas, when industrial, construction sites…)

The Lyrids are one of the oldest meteor showers. The earliest records of this phenomenon say it was observed 2,500 years ago.

To see the best meteor, observers need to get used to the dark for 15-20 minutes and choose an open place to enjoy. You don’t need any tools to observe.

Tonight, Vietnamese people welcome the oldest meteor shower - 1

We can observe this phenomenon with the naked eye and identify the constellation Lyra by looking for the 3 brightest stars in the eastern sky. (Photo: VACA)

The Lyrids meteor shower gets its name from the constellation Lyra – Lyra, which is also where shooting stars seem to flow in the sky. This meteor shower is derived from debris from comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, a comet with a period of about 415 years in orbit around the Sun.

Every April, when the Earth passes through the region of orbit interrupted by this meteor stream, the meteorites plunge into the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up in long streaks of light in the sky that we call meteors.

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