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Turn the bedroom into a spacious and airy

1. Hang the curtains higher

When hanging curtains, you should pay attention to hang the curtain as close to the ceiling as possible. Hanging them above a window frame will draw the eye and make a cramped room feel more spacious. Make sure you choose the right curtain size to match your bedroom space. Patterned curtains can make a room look cluttered, so choose one that is light and soothing. This will help the small bedroom feel a lot brighter and airy.

2. Choose bright bed sheets

Choose a light colored bedding set to match the color and decor of the room. The light color bedding and pillows always bring elegance and help the space feel more airy. Plus, you can always add a bit of color with some pretty throw pillows or a throw pillow.

3. Make use of carpets

Placing an oversized rug in a small bedroom will help draw attention to the entire length of the space and make the space feel more open. You can also put a smaller rug underneath the furniture. Part of the rug is located under the foot of the bed, the foot of the table and part is exposed to the space. The rug connects the pieces together and creates a nice sense of balance in a small bedroom.

4. Use a bed with storage drawers

Dual-function furniture can save you space in any small room. They really are the perfect pieces of furniture to store extra pillows, clothes, and a few other items. It reduces clutter while keeping items easy to reach while also making your room look neater.

5. Add light with a large mirror

Light is the key to making a small space feel larger and more open. Large mirrors help you make the most of natural light and create accents for the bedroom. Try placing an oversized mirror on the darkest wall of your room or hang a pair of mirrors behind a nightstand to create a sense of symmetry throughout the room.

6. Use wall lights

If your bedroom is small but you want to maximize the space, this is the right choice. Using a sconce instead of a base helps you make the most of the surface on your nightstand. In addition, you can make use of the bedside space to read books at night and store other accessories.

7. Choose a gentle color for the bedside cabinet

When it comes to small spaces, the more open your room is, the better it will look. That’s why nightstands with open shelves and nightstands are a great choice for small bedrooms. Light-colored nightstands are also great choices for small bedrooms. Decorate them sparingly with essentials and you’ll have a larger space in no time.

8. Make use of trays to organize small things

Accessories can help brighten up a small room, but placing them on a decorative tray will help keep them clutter-free. Try using a glass tray to organize anything from candles to perfumes and flowers. Using a tray helps you to display your favorite items, and at the same time makes the small bedroom look neat and tidy.

9. Use the big picture

Large-format artwork helps to expand the visual feel of the space and ensures that the room looks larger than it actually is. Try using large pieces of art that compliment the wall color of the space, or multiple picture frames of the same cohesive color to help make a small bedroom feel more open.

10. Use transparent furniture

Transparent furniture helps small spaces become more airy and light. When space is tight, having furniture that serves multiple purposes is always a big plus.

11. Focus on the light

Fixtures are a great way to draw attention in a small bedroom. Try an elegant chandelier or sculptural fixtures to create a cozy nighttime atmosphere that will also help you maximize space in a small bedroom.

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