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Unexpected uses of Platinum for health

What is platinum?

Platinum also known as Platinum or platinum is a chemical element, symbol Pt, with atomic number 78 in the periodic table.

In the Spanish language, Platinum has the term Platin del Pinto, which means iridescent color of the Pinto River. This is a rare metal with gray-white color, ductile, malleable. Platinum is so rare that in the world it makes up only 5 parts per billion of the earth’s crust (average distribution is about 0.005 mg/kg). Platinum is commonly found in some nickel and copper ores and is distributed mainly in South Africa.

Unexpected uses of Platinum for health - 1

Platinum diamond jewelry has long been seen as a symbol of the perfection of strength and power. Therefore, in ancient times, on the crowns of queens or kings, diamonds of various colors and sizes were attached.

Today, along with such a meaning, many people choose Platinum in combination with diamonds as their jewelry as an expression of class and social status. Besides, people discover more unexpected uses of this rare jewelry.

Platinum and great use for health

Scientists have discovered something amazing about Platinum’s ability to support health. Platinum has anti-stress effects. Using Platinum to shave the wind at the wrists, temples, along the spine will relax nerves and relieve stress.

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In addition to keeping a relaxed mind and a healthy lifestyle, many studies have shown that Platinum is the rarest metal on the planet that has great uses in cancer prevention and treatment. Scientists have found that some compounds of platinum, especially cisplatin, are used in chemotherapy against certain types of cancer.

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Alkylation of platinum for the application of extracting drugs to treat cancer.

In 2014, Johnstone, Park and Lippard conducted a study and found that:Platinum is used in many anti-cancer drugs because its reaction rate is very low“. About 50% of patients being treated for some type of cancer are currently taking platinum-containing drugs.

According to, platinum is also used in pacemakers, dentures and other devices used in the human body because it cannot be corroded from body fluids and is less reactive to body functions.

Jewelry from Platinum – a manifesto of the elite

Besides the great health benefits, platinum is also used in the fashion industry, especially in jewelry making. The rarity of this metal makes this jewelry line more expensive and more popular than gold and white gold jewelry.

Also because of its great health benefits and luxurious and classy style, in Vietnam, the Platinum jewelry line is the most sought after. Platinum is often combined with diamonds in designer jewelry of the elite. With a large density and high hardness, jewelry made from platinum often requires skilled and experienced artisans because the processing process is quite complicated.

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Dubbed the “father of platinum jewelry in Vietnam”, each “unique and different” design of Skymond Luxury has undergone hundreds of hours of design and production with 56 meticulous processing stages. phu.

Platinum diamond jewelry are always high-class masterpieces honed by Skymond delicately, sharp to every detail, glossy and smooth spreading from the hidden slits to the outside, is the number 1 choice of the world. upper class “affirms personal class”.

With nearly 15 years of unremitting efforts, Skymond affirms its leading position in the field of high-end platinum designer jewelry in Vietnam.

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