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Unique, strange and beautiful level 4 house model

These 4-level house models not only meet the needs and uses of the owner, but also create a living space like a resort paradise, everyone loves it.

Beautiful 4-level house design is currently a popular type of architecture for many people. From urban to rural areas, we can easily come across beautiful, simple and gentle 4-level house models, creating a resort paradise for the owners themselves.

These house model level 4 This product stands out thanks to its uniqueness, breakthrough in design, creativity in the use of colors or seemingly very small details, but when combined, create an impression.

Let’s VietNamNet Refer to some unique and strange 4-level house models that are popular today:

diem doc dao cua mau nha cap 4 nay chinh la he mai thai mau xanh la cay tao cam giac hai hoa voi thien nhien xung quanh mai thai 76b9efad7945464da9fdfde5a8007c56
The unique feature of this 4-level house model is the green Thai roof system, creating a feeling of harmony with the surrounding nature. Thai roofs help keep the indoor temperature a few degrees lower than the outdoor temperature, keeping it cool and comfortable. The selection of harmonious and delicate colors is a way to create a beautiful impression on the facades of beautiful 4-level house models. You can choose light colors for wall paint as the main color, then choose bold colors to create accents for locations such as doors, windows, and roofs. It is thanks to such contrast that the exterior space becomes impressive.
can nha nay co tong mau vang voi muc do dam nhat khac nhau mai ngoi mau vang dam tuong mau vang tuoi va he thong cot khung cua m 4c338d2f8a2149ada5e1090c884607b6
This house has a yellow tone with varying degrees of intensity. Dark yellow tiled roof, bright yellow walls and yellow-brown columns and door frames. The color combination brings harmony to the design.
day la mot mau nha cap 4 doc la voi kieu dang pha cach den tu he mai lech cua so o tron va cua cong hinh thang tong hoa cac yeu 83f5212f08934a63a2c2368772a222df
This is a unique 4-level house model with a disruptive design from the skewed roof system, round window and trapezoidal gate. The combination of the above factors brings a fancy appearance, attracting at first sight.
ngoi nha duoc nhan ra tu tren cao nho hinh khoi khac biet so voi cac ngoi nha xung quanh he mai dai nhung van co cac khoi nha vu d69d5fa38ccd4e2eb20d45c7359f7f6a

The house is recognized from above thanks to the different shape compared to the surrounding houses. The roof system is long but there are still blocks that go beyond the slanted roof. Using a roof system like this can both meet construction techniques and shorten construction time. The house is designed in a level 4 style, in front is a red brick yard and a small garden with flowers and ornamental plants. The architect designed the wooden floor to be higher than the brick yard to make a highlight instead of the usual three steps.

ngoi nha nay duoc xay dung tren dien tich 200m2 nhung dai va hep de khac phuc nhuoc diem nay cac kien truc su da thiet ke cac kh 787dac312abb42389caa8d6ccce7b101
This house is built on an area of ​​200m2 but is long and narrow. To overcome this drawback, the architects designed independent spaces. Because the house runs long, the space is divided into 4 distinct parts. Each slice is shaped by green space. The vines and canopy form a double shell, significantly reducing solar radiation, creating a large and vivid shade area. The owner is a young couple with 2 small children, so they want the house to be very quiet. They want a small garden with a cool living space but must ensure privacy. Therefore, a green, airy, gentle and delicate space was born.
ngoi nha duoc xay dung voi 3 phong ngu 4 ve sinh 1 bep 1 phong an 1 phong tho ngoai ra con co khoang san vuon phia truoc voi ho fc0a8d52df3b4b3ebc7c464d0510c635

The house is built with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 1 worship room. There is also a front garden with a beautiful koi pond like a resort. With open space, accompanied by a beautiful garden system, the house becomes a real paradise. In the busy cycle of life, when returning to a small and gentle home, the owner will feel much more relaxed and comfortable.

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