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Warning “Pokemon firecracker” toy can cause eye damage

On April 22, the Department of Education and Training of Can Tho City said that it had sent a document to the District Education and Training Departments about warning “Pokemon firecracker” toys.

Currently, on the market, there are toys in the form of “Pokemon firecrackers” with eye-catching Pokemon shapes, cheap prices, attracting students, especially elementary and middle school students.

This is a toy of unknown origin, has not been tested by the authorities for the safety of the product. Inside the toy bag are chemicals that, if attached to the skin, will cause slight itching or burning; splashing into the eyes can cause eye inflammation, eye damage…

Warning Pokemon firecracker toys can cause eye damage - Photo 1.

Pokemon firecracker toys can damage eyes and skin

A number of educational institutions across the country have appeared where students buy toys to bring to school to use and have caused consequences for students’ health.

The Department of Education and Training of Can Tho City has asked district education departments in the area to check the goods at the school canteen and grocery store, and ask these establishments not to buy or sell the above-mentioned toys. on campus until there is a notification from the authorities about the safety of the product.

Strengthen the propaganda and education of students not to buy or bring the above-mentioned toys into school or classroom to ensure the safety of students.

Strengthen communication among parents about the harmful effects of the above toys to students. If the above product is detected in front of the school gate, notify the local authorities and police for coordinated handling.

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