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Ways to make your iPhone more secure

Create passcode for iPhone

The best security for your iPhone is to set up a passcode. If your iPhone is stolen, thieves need to know the password before they can get inside the device. You can set a passcode after your phone is stolen using Find My iPhone, but it’s better to get into this security habit before the worst can happen.

Use Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone

If your device has an Apple Touch ID fingerprint scanner, you should use it. The same is true for Face ID on the iPhone X. Requires a fingerprint or face scan to unlock your iPhone for more security than a passcode that you can forget, or a passcode that can be obtained by a computer. guess time.

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Turn on Find My iPhone

If your iPhone is stolen, Find My iPhone could be a way to get it back. This free iCloud feature uses your phone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint its exact location on a map so you (or authorities) can track it. It is also a great tool for finding lost devices.

Control privacy settings on your iPhone

Controlling the security of your personal data is just as important as the security of your device’s information. Today, there are more threats to data than ever before, including from apps installed on your phone. iOS has powerful, built-in privacy controls.

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