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What are the top 10 most popular social media trends of Gen Z this year? -Young people

Friday, April 22, 2022 08:00 AM (GMT+7)

Instagram released a report on trends that will appear on social networks ̣(MXH) after conducting a survey with Gen Z. From sustainable fashion and clean cosmetics to the virtual and digital world, In addition, there is the spread of social networks and influencers.

After interviewing 1,200 users aged 13-24 in the US last October, Instagram highlighted the top 10 hot topics of 2022.

Approaching beauty in a simpler way

We will see more variety in fashion next year. Up to 50% of survey respondents are willing to try bolder fashion styles such as “Dark Academia”, “Goblincore” or more classic styles in 2022, confirming the return of retro style.

What are the top 10 most popular social media trends of Gen Z this year?  - first

Artwork: Professional Beauty

In the report, Instagram explains that about a third of participants said they would love to buy and learn about “clean” beauty products in 2022: “This trend includes sourced skin care products. natural, vegan cosmetics, minimizing the number of products in the skin care process and products with “clean” ingredients.

Secondhand goods prevail

About 23% of participants shared that they want to buy clothes from secondhand websites. In the next year, 24% of teenagers plan to resell clothes on websites and social networks to make fashion more environmentally friendly.

Second-hand stores will still be one of the things to be talked about in 2022 as Gen Z becomes more and more concerned with environmental issues and reducing environmental damage in the fashion world. .

While online shopping becomes a trend, 27% of survey respondents intend to shop on social media sites.

When music meets social media

While TikTok can become a springboard for new artists, Instagram also affirms the importance of music on its platform. 24% of users said they are more interested in virtual music experiences in 2022, 1 out of 4 people hope to be able to watch online concerts on MXH. Even 70% of teenagers know new songs and artists through social media.

And when it comes to music, it’s impossible not to mention dance. More than a third of survey respondents expect new dance challenges in 2022 including complex builds.

Content creators can be as influential as celebrities

About four out of five young people, influencers and other famous content creators on social media have more cultural influence than celebrities like actors. Today’s young people are influenced by a large number of content creators, and their relationships become stronger as they share common interests and interests, but also become alienated as they grow up, says Instagram. increasingly popular.”

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Source: Dane Wetton/Unsplash Finding your calling

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our relationship with work. 63% of Gen Z acknowledge that they have reconsidered their career goals due to the pandemic. For them, a job with a high salary is no longer seen as an important goal. Up to 71% want to choose a meaningful job even though the salary is not high. The young generation has redefined the concept of success. 90% of Gen Z believe that the most useful knowledge comes from practical experience. 66% have even begun to reconsider the true value of higher education.

Eager to learn cooking skills

Cooking on MXH will become a trend in 2022. According to Instagram, young users will continue to search for new and extremely complex recipes to hone their cooking skills. Indeed, 1 in 6 teenagers show an interest in the art of delicious home cooking.

Meanwhile, one in five survey respondents wanted to learn about mixing techniques and try them at home or learn about ingredients.

What are the top 10 most popular social media trends of Gen Z this year?  - 3

What are the top 10 most popular social media trends of Gen Z this year?  - 4

Source: Max Delsid/Unsplash Health Online

Health is one of the trends that have been successful on Instagram. Indeed, home exercises are gradually becoming more popular with social media users. 48% of Instagram users said they exercised compared to 34% of non-users of social media.

Users will continue to mention mental health more. About a third of those surveyed said they would engage in meditation and sports activities. Interests that foster creativity will also be noticed with a quarter of young people engaged in painting, coloring or any other artistic activity. The new generation is aiming to be healthy not only physically but also mentally and this also involves creating a more eco-friendly home.

Game world on MXH

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of video games is evolving rapidly. This trend is already there and will continue to attract more followers. Along with the emergence of fashion in the metaverse (roughly translated: virtual universe), more users are accessing video games through fashion. Currently, 20% of young people want to see designs of brands for their characters.

In addition, about 40% of teenagers expect more gaming trends to appear in 2022. Gaming livestreams will continue to attract young people.

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Source: Florian Olivo/Unsplash Meme is still what keeps Gen Z through the bad days

Internet users are increasingly using memes to get through bad days. Humorous images are widely spread on social networks. Over the past year more than 20% of young people have paid attention to stock market formations and astrology.

Social balance

Perhaps Instagram users are more and more interested in social facts. Plus, in 2021 52% of Instagram users follow a social justice account. They are also extremely generous and willing to donate money to charities.

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