What did the factory manager say?

Inside the headquarters of the Tube Lamp Factory (belonging to Dien Quang Bulb Joint Stock Company; located at Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City), the police are still on duty. Mr. Nguyen Hai Trieu, Director of the factory, is working with the police around the illegal destruction of waste light bulbs.

  The case of illegal discharge of Dien Quang light bulbs: What did the director of the factory say?  - Photo 1.

Police car in the headquarters of the Lamp Factory

Currently, the Dong Nai Department of Natural Resources and Environment has taken samples of wastewater and waste for testing and coordinated treatment in accordance with the law.

Responding to Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, Mr. Nguyen Hai Trieu said that the police are still investigating and assessing the extent, but have not come to a conclusion.

Mr. Trieu admitted that the mill workers were addicted to light bulb shells from March 8, 2022 until now.

To the question of whether this is the policy of the enterprise or the company, Mr. Trieu said that the number of balls destroyed was done according to the process so far. “And my process may not have been achieved, or somehow that is the conclusion of the authorities,” said Mr. Trieu.

Regarding the two underground tunnels inside the factory containing industrial waste, Mr. Trieu said that the fact that the concrete tunnel had little water left. “Indeed, I let myself use it to collect what I left there and let it be processed later, not bury anything…. And the cellar is a closed cellar, located in a warehouse, the warehouse has a corrugated iron roof, there’s no circulation system out.”

  The case of illegal discharge of Dien Quang light bulbs: What did the director of the factory say?  - Photo 2.

Caught red-handed workers addicted to light bulb shells, sewage drains into the cellar

According to Mr. Trieu, the purpose of the factory is to make a closed cellar to avoid rain, causing the risk of flowing. The tunnel is completely made of impermeable cement. When the functional forces checked, there was water in the cellar, but that water was for the purpose of cooling the old machine (now discontinued).

“When there is a specific conclusion about violations of this and that, I will give an accurate answer. Currently the police are working with me, many things this and that, the answer is not clear,” Mr. Trieu said. .

As reported, on April 21, the Environmental Police Department of Dong Nai Provincial Police coordinated with functional sectors to excavate the drainage system and water cellar in the premises of the Lamp Factory, Balloon Joint Stock Company. Dien Quang lights to investigate and clarify the act of discharging untreated industrial waste into the environment.

  The case of Dien Quang light bulbs illegally discharging: What did the director of the factory say?  - Photo 3.

Waste pit inside the park

At the time of the inspection, 3 employees were destroying waste light bulbs, which they have been grinding from March 8, 2022 to present. Police forces discovered nearly 5 tons of glass containing chemicals in 195 bags and nearly 370,000 light bulbs that had not yet been crushed in plastic crates. Wastewater in the bulb grinding process is discharged directly into the drainage ditch system.

Along with that, the police discovered a cellar containing waste from the process of crushing light bulbs.

Initially, the functional forces determined that the enterprise showed signs of violating regulations on environmental protection such as not collecting hazardous waste as prescribed; self-treating wastes that are not authorized by competent authorities and burying wastes contrary to law.

A day before, the functional forces caught the workers of the above company doing the act of destroying hazardous waste in contravention of regulations.

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