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What does Miss Connoisseur Mai Phuong Thuy say about the panic of stock investors?

April 22, 2022 15:38 GMT+7

The stock market has not yet gone through the storm with a series of 6 plunging sessions of the VN-Index in the panic of investors, Miss Mai Phuong Thuy has suddenly shared on her personal Facebook page.

“You ask me do I find it cheap? I think it’s cheap, but I don’t know which is the cheapest. I don’t rush to buy, but I also don’t bring anything to sell. I just know that the thing I was most worried about has happened. You are F0, you are always afraid of forces and forces that you do not know they are even more afraid of you.

The forces on each side think in a different way, but F0 thinks very similarly. Just look at the Vietnamese people cheering for the football team and you’ll know who has the power. The real power is in your hands.

On the occasion of being on the homepage of newspapers for a day, I find that I am also very frivolous, talking too much. Mom, will I be in the newspaper anymore???”

The market 'shakes', Mai Phuong Thuy calmly said a sentence that startled investors
Mai Phuong Thuy’s latest status line.

Mai Phuong Thuy just posted the above status in the early afternoon of April 22, when the stock market was facing downward pressure for the 7th consecutive session.

After 6 consecutive dropping sessions, VN-Index lost nearly 155 points. Entering session 22/4, VN-Index tried to gain thanks to bottom-fishing demand and ended the morning session with the market’s gain.

However, entering the afternoon session, the selling pressure suddenly increased, causing the market to lose all its efforts to gain in the morning session, turning deeply in the red.

In the meantime, the beauty named “Miss Securities” Mai Phuong Thuy suddenly posted the above sharing status line. Mai Phuong Thuy’s meaningful sharing shows that she is already a core investor in the market. It was that “core filtering” that made her have a comprehensive view of the market, thereby giving advice to F0s.

Mai Phuong Thuy’s share can also be understood that she has both “encouraged” the F0s not to panic but sell off their stocks, and implicitly “blame” these people because of their unstable psychology, so they simultaneously “get off the train”. ”, causing turmoil of the market in recent sessions.

In the comment section below the article, Mai Phuong Thuy wrote: “Since I’m in a good mood right now, there’s a need to be famous.”

The market
Status was posted by Mai Phuong Thuy on the morning of April 22.

Also on April 22, in response to a friend’s question on her personal page whether to buy land or buy gold, Miss Mai Phuong Thuy replied:Buy shares”.

The above question and answer comes from the status line posted early in the morning, Miss Vietnam 2006 posted status: “Which economy this year? How much in and out?”.

What’s more remarkable, one person commented “How many times increase?“. Mai Phuong Thuy also frankly answered: “Doing the right money will come by itself”.

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