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What move did Mr. Park use when rematching Korea U.20?

19 pm tonight (April 22) at Hang Day yard, Coach Park Hang-seo plans to use all of his strategic cards in the friendly second leg against Korea U.20. It’s also a precious rehearsal first sea ​​Games thirty first.

Any diagram is just numbers

Vietnam U.23 team currently has a total of 32 players (including 3 who are too old) but midfielder Lieu Quang Vinh is recovering from injury, so there are 31. Mr. Park will eliminate 12 players to leave 20 registered players. compete at the 31st SEA Games. The rematch against Korea U.20 can be considered as the last chance for Mr. Park to review the squad and score the main frame that he intends to use at the congress.

In recent tactical training sessions, Mr. Park divided his time into two separate parts, the first half for U.23 to forge a 3-5-2 diagram and the second half to switch to a 3-4-3 formation. He wants his students to master both types of diagrams despite many difficulties. Before the rematch with Korea U.20, Mr. Park shared that U.23 Vietnam might operate both of these schemes depending on the actual progress on the field. But he emphasized: “The 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 chart is just a number. It is important to have a flexible, non-rigid response to the opponent and whether the players can complete the position I assigned or not. In the case of choosing a strategy of playing two strikers, what I am especially interested in is how they have to work together for our attack system to be effective.

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Hoang Duc (14) and Viet Anh (5) are the mainstays of U.23 Vietnam


Will Hoang Duc become a virtual striker?

Mr. Park gave an information that is also worth paying attention to: “U.23 Vietnam Currently, besides the young players in the attack like Xuan Tu or Thanh Minh, we have Tien Linh and don’t forget another older player, Hoang Duc, who can also play as a striker. I will assemble the squad, in which there are 3 pieces of the puzzle, which are 3 players who are too old, and arrange the staff according to my own and my associates’ preparation.” In the Vietnamese team, Hoang Duc rarely plays as a striker, but in the beginning of his career, the Vietnam Golden Ball was once a powerful spearhead of Viettel in the first division a few years ago, before this team was promoted to V. – League.

Former Vietnam striker Thach Bao Khanh gave a similar opinion with Mr. Park: “In the midfield of U.23 Vietnam, I think that maybe Coach Park Hang-seo will not let Hung Dung and Hoang Duc kick. paired together because that easily leads to waste of resources. Dung is very good at stabbing the opponent’s armpits, creating deadly passes, while Duc is very good at controlling the ball, handling the ball neatly and delicately thanks to very classy turns. Germany will be pushed to a higher stone to become a virtual striker. Normally, two strikers will kick horizontally, but if Linh and Duc are arranged to kick in the attack, then Duc will play wider, from the bottom of the ice. Linh is the spearhead, the target striker to attract the opponent, and Duc will jump in to score. It could be Park’s new move and I think it’s quite reasonable.”

Find pieces for the defense

Confused in choosing the right piece for U.23 Vietnam’s left-sided central defender, Mr. Park admitted: “I haven’t decided who will take this position because I’m still looking for a combination to have a match. the best plan. Thanh Binh stone is skewed to the left. Quang Vinh is the same but unfortunately he is injured. Tuan Tai can both kick the left-back and can kick the left-sided central defender. But I can’t decide because I have to wait and see how things progress on the field. The first leg, because we are inexperienced, let South Korea U.20 take the lead from set pieces. This needs to be adjusted in the second leg.”

Coach Thach Bao Khanh commented: “I see that there is one more factor that can play the left-side center position, which is Nham Manh Dung. It is possible that in the rematch with U.20 Korea, Dung will be assigned this task. The center-back will be Thanh Binh, while the right-back will be Viet Anh. All three of these central defenders are in good shape and especially the ability to launch attacks is very effective. If arranged together, this trio will be quite harmonious.”

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