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World of Warcraft expansion can let players ride dragons

The upcoming Dragonflight expansion of the classic World of Warcraft title is expected to allow dragon riding and racing.

According to Engadget, nearly 2 decades of the birth of World of Warcraft, Blizzard recently announced the 9th expansion of the game. The expansion, called Dragonflight, allows players to explore the Dragon Isles, home of the dragon ancestors of Azeroth. A trailer that Blizzard has just released recounts the history of the land of dragons.

Dragonflight can let players ride dragons


With 5 new regions, Dragon Isles will introduce the Dracthyr, a new race of playable dragons that take on a humanoid form. Dracthyr characters can join the Alliance or the Horde, and they are the only race that can access the expansion’s new Evoker class. As an Evoker, you can specialize in healing your teammates or fight as a mid-range damage dealer.

Dragonflight will also introduce Dragonriding mechanics. In spite of World of Warcraft There’s been a flying mount since 2007’s Burning Crusade, but the new expansion will allow players to customize a mount of dragon descent to take to the skies with special maneuvers.

In addition to those features, Blizzard says the expansion will ship with quality improvements, including a redesigned user interface that allows players to personalize to their liking. There’s also a new talent system for customizing classes and tweaking the game’s crafting mechanics.

Dragonflight still doesn’t have a release date, the community is still hoping Blizzard will share more information about the expansion in the near future. Studio just announced that they are planning a re-release Wrath of the Lich King for World of Warcraft Classic.

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