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10 interesting facts about Persian cats make anyone want to adopt

first Arabic cat actually a souvenir

In fact, the apparent origins of this Persian breed are still shrouded in mystery. According to various information, this cat breed is thought to have appeared for thousands of years in the Middle East, although scientific studies show that they share the same genetics with Western European cats.

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Although it is not known when, but once an Italian named Pietro della Valle bought a Persian cat as a souvenir back to Western Europe. He was a famous aristocrat who explored the Middle East, India, and North Africa. In 1620, when Valle was traveling through Persia, he came across strange cats with long gray fur. And so he bought 4 pairs of cats to bring back to Europe, facilitating the development of this breed worldwide today.

2 The Persian Cat appeared in the world’s first cat exhibition

More than 250 years have passed since Mr. Valle brought the first Persian cat into Europe. The breed caused a sensation in London during the first cat exhibition at the Crystal Palace in 1871. This exhibition also featured the breed’s first appearance. Siamese cat, Scottish cats, Manxes cats and some other exotic cats. This event attracted more than 20000 attendees and visitors.

3 Persian cats are very popular in the US

After 1895, Persian cats were introduced to the United States through cat lovers. In 1906, the first cat-loving association in the United States was established. The breed was the first to be registered on the association’s list. Today, the Persian has become extremely popular and is one of the most expensive cat breeds in America.

10 interesting facts about Persian cats that make anyone want to adopt - 3

4 Persian cats are worshiped by famous figures

Throughout history, there have been many world famous personalities who have kept Persian cats. As the founder of modern nursing worldwide, Florence Nightingale had about 60 cats in her life, including a Persian cat named Bismarck.

In addition, cult actress Marilyn Monroe owns a white Persian cat named Mitsou. And the novelist Raymond Chandler, who read the first draft of his writing career to his black Persian cat, named Taki.

5 Persian cat has a quite pleasant personality

You feel that your cat is quite difficult, naughty, difficult to obey,… Then it’s best to find and buy a Persian cat right away. Although this cat breed does not have a beautiful face, it is very cute and friendly. However, their personalities are extremely laid-back, easy-going and extremely friendly with everyone.

10 interesting facts about Persian cats that make anyone want to adopt - 4

6 There are many different types of Persian cats

While the ancient Persians considered their cat breed most iconic when it was only white or silver. But today, when cats are widely bred, this cat breed has many different colors and shapes. The most popular sub-variants of Persian cats today are the Himalayan, Chinchilla, Exotic, Persian and Siamese hybrids, long-haired Chinchilla,… Accompanied by extremely colorful hair colors. varied and different.

7 The Persian cat is a pop culture icon

The Persian is perhaps the most represented cat breed in popular culture. They have appeared in James Bond movies, participated in the movie Cats & Dogs (2001) and even in the Pokemon cartoon there is a Pokemon named Persian.

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8 Persian cats are quite lazy

Although it is an easy-going cat breed, friendly with people. But Persian cats are quite lazy, they can sleep 20 hours a day and spend the rest of the time eating and playing. However, a lot of sleep does not mean they are sedentary. When hungry, these cats can rummage through your house just to find food.

9 Persian cats shed a lot of hair

If you’re ready to adopt a friendly, easy-going, a little lazy cat like the Persian, then you’ll be ready to clean often too. Because this breed of cat sheds a lot, it can be shed anytime, anywhere. Therefore, you need to brush their coat regularly every day. This will make the hair smoother, preventing indiscriminate hair loss throughout the house.

10 interesting facts about Persian cats that make anyone want to adopt - 6

ten Persian cats are quite expensive

This breed is very popular in the US and European markets. You will have to pay from $ 1000 to $ 3000 to be able to own a quality purebred Persian cat, with all the necessary documents to prove the origin. However, this breed of cat has an extremely long life expectancy, up to 15-17 years with good care. Therefore, they will be great friends, sticking with you for a long time with so many memories.

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