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Foreign Minister S.Lavrov: Russia-Ukraine negotiations stalled

He said that Russia has not yet received a response from Ukraine on the new proposal made by Moscow on April 17. Foreign Minister Lavrov also denied that Moscow was negotiating with the parties about security guarantees for Ukraine.

Commenting on President Volodymyr Zelensky’s announcement about the possibility of canceling negotiations with Moscow, he affirmed that Russia will not accept ultimatums from Ukraine.

Earlier on April 20, Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that Russia-Ukraine negotiations reached an impasse because Ukraine did not keep its commitments and was slowing down the progress of negotiations.

The statement of the Russian side raised the possibility of not reaching a peace agreement to end the conflict.

According to Kremlin spokesman Peskov, Russia has handed Ukraine a draft peace agreement and is waiting for a response from Kiev. Regarding the prospect of holding a meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents, Pesklov also said that the Israeli side has now confirmed that it is ready to take the role of hosting this meeting.

Meanwhile, in response to Western sanctions, Russia is also tightening visa regulations for people coming from unfriendly countries.

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