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Hang designer bags in front of your house to show off your wealth in Shanghai

Despite having to quarantine at home for the past few weeks, the rich and fashionable in Shanghai still have a way to show off their money. That’s hanging paper bags with the logos of luxury brands outside the door to collect Covid-19 test kits and other everyday items.

On April 3, Shanghai conducted a citywide Covid-19 test sample. Covid-19 rapid test kits are delivered door-to-door by medical staff. To prevent the risk of corona virus infection between people, the local government asked people to hang bags outside their doors for medical staff to put test kits in.

Hanging designer bags in front of your house to show off your wealth in Shanghai - Photo 1.

Shanghai residents hang designer bags in front of their homes to get Covid-19 quick test kits. (Photo: SCMP)

This is a rare opportunity for the rich to show “they are rich” through medical bags. Accordingly, a series of bags with logos of brands for luxury fashionistas such as Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel appeared on the doorsteps of households.

In addition to bags printed with the logos of expensive overseas brands, some Shanghainese also show their love for domestic brands. Typically, the image of a Mao-tai bag has attracted the attention of the Chinese online community.

Many people think that the image of luxury bags hanging in front of the house is like a medicine to help people relieve their sadness during the blockade period. This is also considered a different response of the people of Shanghai to the epidemic compared to other areas.

“This is just for fun because people have been isolated at home for more than 20 days,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) quoted a netizen as commenting.

“The elegant life of the people of Shanghai is demonstrated once again: run away to buy coffee immediately when the quarantine is temporarily lifted; waiting in long queues for Covid-19 test samples with glasses of wine in hand; and now getting a quick test kit in a branded bag,” wrote another.

Many people even joke that bags with famous brand logos are more expensive than the doors where they are hung.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, on April 20, the city had 18,495 new cases of Covid-19. The number of cases on April 20 was slightly lower than in the previous days.

From March 1 to April 20, Shanghai had 496,000 Covid-19 cases out of a total population of 26.3 million. Of these, 23,973 are being treated in hospitals and 25 have died.

Shanghai city implemented a blockade from March 28. During this time, a lot of information was posted on social networking sites showing that Shanghai residents faced many difficulties in accessing food supplies and faced a shortage of medical staff to take care of their health. . As a result, there were cases of deaths because they could not be hospitalized in time due to the regulations implemented during the blockade.

According to SCMP, Chinese social media recently spread information because of intense anti-epidemic pressure, Mr. Wu Jinglei, head of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, was hospitalized for migraine treatment. at Trung Son Hospital in Tu Hoi district.

Two unnamed officials in Shanghai also confirmed the information. They confirmed Mr. Wu was hospitalized but did not have Covid-19.

Mr. Wu (60 years old) is the Director and Deputy Political Commissar of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission. This is the leading force in the control and prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai.

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