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How is Miss Khanh Van’s English now?

Winner of the contest Miss Universe Vietnam In 2019, Khanh Van became a name that attracted the attention of the beauty-loving fan community. Besides her impressive charisma and beauty, one thing that is easy to see in Miss Hau is that her ability to communicate in English is gradually improving day by day.

If you follow Khanh Van’s journey over the years, people will know that foreign languages ​​are Hau’s weakness. She is constantly commented on making countless mistakes in pronunciation, speaking English is no different… speaking Vietnamese again.

However, in Episode 2 of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Khanh Van showed remarkable progress. In the pre-recorded clip of the program, she showed off her ability to speak English very naturally when talking with the contestants.

Khanh Van shows off her English speaking skills in the Miss Universe 2022 contest

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Fans gave her lots of compliments when both the pronunciation and the grammar in the way she spoke English changed positively. Besides, some people think that just through the clip, it is not possible to fully assess someone’s foreign language proficiency. ThereforeKhanh Van will need to cultivate more to easily communicate with the audience and convey all her voice as Miss in this language.

Previously, CEO Tran Viet Bao Hoang – Deputy of the organizing committee of the Miss Universe Vietnam contest said that English is also an important factor important factor when contestants want to reach the highest crown.

“If I can find a good English representative, that’s great, but if I have a representative who has everything, English has the foundation to train in a short time, in about 4-6 months, I only focus on for English training I think it’s entirely possible.” – he said.

Once criticized for speaking English like Vietnamese, now Miss Khanh Van can communicate fluently with international judges, and is praised?  - Photo 3.

The ability to use English is one of the important factors to evaluate candidates participating in Miss Universe Vietnam

During university, Khanh Van studied Drama – Film Actor and participated in many film projects such as Young master from a poor family, Crocodile Farm... Before being crowned Miss, she shared that she enjoyed studying fashion design and hoped one day to be able to design beautiful dresses for herself.


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