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How will Thien An react if he meets Jack again?

In 2021, the love scandal between Jack with Thien An shake the world. After a while, vocals Waves Recently, there was a comeback on social media on the occasion of her 25th birthday. For her part, after the drama, Thien An gradually returned to showbiz, busy with work as well as spending time taking care of her daughter.

Each person has their own career, path and rarely talks about each other. However, in a recent event, when asked about her reaction if she met her ex again, she did not hesitate to answer, saying that it was normal and happy to meet. “The past is over, let it go, I live in the present and the future,” added the mother of one child.

However, when asked if Jack discussed raising his daughter, Thien An refused to answer.

Thien An gave an interview, frankly answered the question about meeting Jack again

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Thien An is comfortable with questions related to ex-lovers

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After giving birth, Thien An gradually regained her shape

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The beauty of a mother with 1 baby is getting better and better

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Currently, she is busy with work, spending time taking care of her daughter

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