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‘I was cranky a lot’

Join the TV show Mother is not at home – Dad is Superman With the family of JustaTee, Luong The Thanh and Duc Thinh, singer Khac Viet had to take care of her child for 48 hours by herself, an experience that is not easy for most Vietnamese fathers. “We only need one more broom to fly,” he shared humorously.

Khac Viet said, it is not clear how other fathers are, but he is the same from real life to the stage, with or without a camera: “The way you teach your children is still the same. Let me tell you in advance that I scoffed a lot.

I found out that I don’t have any superpowers. The greatest confidence is that I can always adapt in any environment, in any situation, never complaining about anything but will find a way to solve it. I’m not too surprised about what happened, but consider it a personal experience.”

Khac Viet tells a story about taking care of children when his wife is not at home: 'I was very upset' - 1

The expression of the “super dad” when he has to take care of his child alone.

Rapper JustaTee said that having to take care of children while his wife was away while participating in the program was a completely new experience for him:People just imagine this as if it was a show called ‘Dad enlisted’. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of things with my small family, but ‘Mother’s away, dad’s superman’ has helped me wake up and ‘enlighten’ many things. I learned things I never knew existed during 48 hours of taking care of my baby alone“.

As for director and actor Duc Thinh, he also admitted that sometimes he felt stressed during the 48 hours “roof” was away, having to take care of everything alone. This makes him even more respect for his wife Thanh Thuy.

“In the past, I thought taking care of children was simple and didn’t need too much time. But now I find it as difficult as making a movie, having to put a lot of time and enthusiasm into it.” Duc Thinh confessed. Taking care of his own child, he finds himself having the opportunity to understand him better, discover other aspects of him that have not been seen before, all of which makes him extremely happy.

Mother is not at home – Dad is Superman Vietnameseized from The Return of Superman – extremely popular reality TV show of KBS. Famous fathers participating in the program have to take care of their children without the help of their wives for 48 hours. The show has 18 episodes, airing at 8:30 p.m. from April 28 on channel HTV7 and 9:30 p.m. on YouTube, Mocha, and TV360.

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