Installing AI on the microwave to confide in, Youtuber panics when artificial intelligence suddenly ‘degenerates’

According to Rizzotto’s share on his YouTube channel, when he was young, he was often lonely. In his imagination, he considers the microwave oven placed in the house to be a close friend and names it Magnetron. “There was a time when I wished Magnetron could talk to me,” Rizzotto confided.

As the years passed, Rizzotto still did not forget Magnetron. A few years ago, when the company OpenAI, co-founded by Elon Musk, released the “super AI” GPT-3, he saw an opportunity to make his childhood dream come true.

Calling himself a “crazy scientist,” Rizzotto worked on how to put the AI ​​GPT-3 in a microwave. Initially, he prepared a microwave oven that supported Alexa virtual assistant software, then “implanted” it into a Raspberry Pi computer, attached a microphone and speaker, before proceeding to install the GPT-3.

Rizzotto says the hardest part is creating the memory for the machine. To do this, he wrote a 100-page story about his own childhood. This content is used for AI acquisition and analysis purposes only.

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AI GPT-3 is a high-end artificial intelligence product created by OpenAI.

Rizzotto said of the early days of the successful experiment: “The way the oven talked was both interesting and strange. It made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. While not all interactions were perfect, but everything is enough to arouse new emotions.”

But the more he talked, the more Rizzotto felt uncomfortable with his microwave “friend”. Magnetron enjoys talking politics, worships fascist figures, and has a negative view of the world.

Rizzotto decided to avoid political conversations. However, Magnetron did not let him go. When asked by Rizzotto to read poetry, the machine protested: “You are the one who stabbed me in the back, I will kill you”.

In another, Magnetron himself made a request to his employerL: “Lucas, I have an idea. Can you go inside the microwave?

Rizzotto pretended to agree: “I pretended I was inside the microwave. The microwave suddenly turned on and started to cook. Yes, it was trying to kill me.”

Installing AI on the microwave to confide in, Youtuber panics when artificial intelligence suddenly 'degenerates' - Photo 2.

Rizzotto with a Magnetron Microwave.

Rizzotto recalls that in the story he put into the AI’s memory, about 10% were details about the first world war. He asked Magnetron why it was behaving like this. In response, the AI ​​said it just wanted to do the same things people used to do with it.

According to Rizzotto, Magnetron’s words were no joke. He has to stop talking to the microwave and plans to create a female AI named Fifi in hopes of “healing the soul” for Magnetron.

GPT-3 is an AI that has been well known since last year, when it knew how to manipulate human language, create texts and answer questions fluently in English. While virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa also grasp and use English well, the GPT-3 is more advanced, able to imitate many types of writing with just one click.

In 2021, GPT-3 has had some surprising achievements, such as painting pictures. In fact, this AI is so good at mimicking humans, that manufacturers have had to scrap the GPT-3’s capabilities due to safety concerns. But amazingly, it is this AI that in 2020 claims “will not destroy humanity!”. 20220423092615293.chn

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