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Massaging the wrong part can cause a stroke, especially this area in the neck

Today, when the speed of development of science and technology is measured in seconds, people’s lives are more and more attached to electronic devices such as phones, computers… One of the influences The most common of this is the occurrence of neck fatigue, which occurs more often in young people. To solve these uncomfortable aches and pains, many people will look to massage, relaxing massage.

Thi Dich Trong, Director of Cardiology Department of Lien An Clinic, Lien An Preventive Medicine Organization, China, said that massage is a way to help the body relax, help detoxify and strengthen the immune system. . However, with some positions on the body, when massaging, you must be careful or not massage to avoid danger.

The “Death Triangle” area in the neck is a forbidden area to massage

Massaging the wrong part can cause a stroke, especially this area in the neck - 1

Dead triangle area in the neck

Doctor Thi Dich Trong said that in the neck there is a “dead triangle”, this area connects from behind the ear to the chest and then to the chin to form a triangle. This area is very dangerous to massage, where there are two important blood vessels called the carotid arteries – the blood vessels that carry nutrients to the entire brain.

Thi said: “The other important arteries of the human body are almost all located deep in the body and often under the bones, but the carotid artery is only protected by a thin layer of skin. Squeezing this area improperly can cause a stroke in severe cases.”

Massaging the “dead triangle” area in the neck can cause 3 major health hazards

1. Compression on carotid sinus, causing heart rate and blood pressure to drop

Carotid sinus is a pressure sensor part of the body, if it is strongly compressed, it will cause the parasympathetic nerve to stimulate the vagus nerve to discharge electricity, causing slow heart rate and a sharp drop in blood pressure. In severe cases, massaging the “dead triangle” in the neck can even cause immediate fainting.

In medicine, sometimes a patient has an arrhythmia or has to go to the emergency room just because of the force on the carotid sinus. At that time, if the doctor does not have any medical equipment on hand, they will sometimes have to massage the carotid sinus to help stabilize or regulate the heart rate. However, the average person is best not to randomly press this area.

2. Compression of blood vessels, leading to ischemic stroke

Massaging the wrong part can cause a stroke, especially this area in the neck - 2

An ischemic stroke is caused by insufficient blood flow. In the process of neck massage, the pressure on the blood vessels increases, causing blood circulation to decrease, the risk of disease will increase, usually this type of stroke will start right after the massage, especially some people with low blood pressure. problems with narrowing of the blood vessels. Therefore, if you do not know the correct technique when massaging, it is best not to exert too much force on the neck area.

3. Massage causes endothelial injury, blood clot formation, leading to stroke

When there is atheroma in the blood vessel, the endothelial layer of the blood vessel can be damaged during massage. In addition to the plaque debris that floats up in the bloodstream, sometimes when the body has a wound, platelets in the blood will gather and coagulate to heal the wound. However, the blood flow in the carotid artery is fast, the blood clot here can fall off some small pieces, then get stuck in the blood vessel to form a thrombus. This type of stroke will occur within 3 days of the massage.

Who should not have acupressure massage?

Massaging the wrong part can cause a stroke, especially this area in the neck - 3

Although acupressure massage has good effects in both prevention and treatment, not everyone can use this method. Specifically, there are subjects who should not have acupressure massage:

– Those who have trauma to bones, joints, muscles including closed and open wounds. Cause: because the movements when acupressure will cause injury to those bone areas.

– The wounds are red or sore because if acupressure massage in these areas can cause infection, infection.

– Besides, other medical diseases are not allowed to use acupressure massage method such as fallopian tube pain, pain or appendicitis.

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