Nguyen Anh Minh, Doan Xuan Khue Minh ascended the throne

Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong welcomes golfers to attend the final day of the National Golf Championship 2022 – VinFast Cup with strong winds accompanied by seasonal raindrops of the Northern region. Unfavorable weather conditions make the challenges of Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong’s Marsh course more difficult than ever.

Right on the first hole, 15-year-old golfer Nguyen Anh Minh hit a double bogey, after the driver sent the ball into the swamp to the left of the fairway. On hole 7, the same thing happened again when Nguyen Anh Minh once again kicked the ball into the water and got a bogey on this hole.

National Golf Championship 2022: Nguyen Anh Minh, Doan Xuan Khue Minh take the throne - 1

However, those mistakes did not affect the competitive mentality of the Lexus Challenge 2022 champion. Nguyen Anh Minh’s iron approach still retains the accuracy and stability needed to help young golfers from Hanoi got 2 important birdies on holes 6 and 9, thereby ending the first 9 holes with a record of +1 stroke.

Although this result did not meet Nguyen Anh Minh’s expectations, it helped the 15-year-old golfer widen the gap with Do Quang Khanh to 6 strokes. The game was stable in the first holes with 6 consecutive Par points, but the double bogey on the 7th hole after 2 situations of dropping the ball and being penalized made all efforts to shorten the gap of the golfer born in 1984 into the river. down the tank.

With such a big gap, the championship is hard to escape from Nguyen Anh Minh’s hands. However, there was not a bit of subjectivity from the 15-year-old golfer in the last 9 holes. A determined face and precision in his shots helped Nguyen Anh Minh to score 2 birdies in a row at holes 12 and 13. Although after that, got a triple bogey on hole 15, but with 2 birdies in a row at hole 17. -18 helped Nguyen Anh Minh complete the final round with 72 strokes, thereby officially being crowned the tournament champion with a total score of -5.

National Golf Championship 2022: Nguyen Anh Minh, Doan Xuan Khue Minh take the throne - 2

It can be affirmed that Nguyen Anh Minh is the best golfer in Vietnam at the moment when this is Nguyen Anh Minh’s 2nd consecutive victory on VGA Tour, after the title at Lexus Challenge 2022 1 month ago. . Not only that, with a total score of -4, the 15-year-old golfer also became the champion with the best score in the 17-year history of the National Golf Championship. This is a step that cannot be more perfect for Nguyen Anh Minh to aim for SEA Games 31 next May at Dam Vac golf course.

Meanwhile, with 2 more bogeys and 1 birdie in 9 deep holes, Do Quang Khanh completed the round with a record of 74 strokes to win the runner-up position of the tournament with a total score of +3. The National Golf Championship 2022 – Vinfast Cup is a successful tournament for Do Quang Khanh personally when throughout 4 days of competition, the golfer born in 1984 always showed an extremely stable performance. He was also the first golfer to score an eagle on the second day of the tournament. This will be the basis for Do Quang Khanh to actively practice and look forward to the next tournaments of the VGA Tour.

In third place with a total score of +4 is Nguyen Huu Quyet. National Champion 2012, Doan Van Dinh shared 4th place with Nguyen Van Toan. Nguyen The Anh became the golfer with the best round of the tournament with a result of 68 strokes on the final day thanks to 6 birdies and 2 bogeys. This achievement also helped Nguyen The Anh rise and finish the tournament in T6 with Do Hong Giang with a total score of +6.

In the women’s group, entering the final round, Khue Minh still maintained a very comfortable playing mentality. Every time he got a bogey, Khue Minh immediately returned with a birdie, thereby ending his first 9 lanes with an even par. At the same time, Nguyen Thao My could not show her inherent level and cost up to 4 bogeys.

By this time, the distance between the two golfers has been increased to 10 strokes and it is almost certain that Doan Xuan Khue Minh has become the overall champion in the women’s group at the tournament.

At the end of the remaining 9 holes, Khue Minh scored 2 more birdies on hole 4 and 7 to bring the total score to -7, thereby becoming the champion with a difference of 13 strokes. Similar to Nguyen Anh Minh, this achievement of Doan Xuan Khue Minh also set a score record in the history of the National Golf Championship. This victory marks the first professional title in Khue Minh’s career. Previously, the golfer from Hanoi won the National Amateur Women’s Championship in 2017 and the National Fighting Golf Championship in 2019.

For Nguyen Thao My, a golfer born in 1998 scored 2 more bogeys and 1 birdie, thereby finishing 2nd overall with a total of +6 strokes. Pham Thi Yen Vi is the 2nd best female golfer in the women’s group at the final round with even par results, thereby maintaining 3rd place with a total score of +11. Golfer 3 times in a row National Amateur Women’s Champion – Ngo Bao Nghi ranked 4th overall with a total score of +19.

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